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Saturday, February 15

Valentines Day in review: Memphis, TN.

Happy February 15th!
While I hope that all of your Valentines Days were incredible, I also hope that today is filled with just as much happiness. VDay isn't the only day meant for superfluous amounts of chocolate, love, and chick flicks, you know. ;) 

My day is about to be full of Spanish homework and actual work later tonight, but me and the boy had so much fun yesterday in Memphis, that I just had to share!

It's about a three hour drive from where we live to Memphis, TN, so after class yesterday morning, I took an epically fast shower, got my hair done, ate with my parents - and we were off! He read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince while I belted Replay by Zendaya (and other songs, of course, though I do have a massive problem with repeating the same song for an hour). And our first stop was...

// Pearl's Oyster House
It is absolutely DELICIOUS food. There are so many choices on their menu that we didn't even know where to start. Not only that, you can do a Choose Two for most of their items as well, which added a whole other level of difficulty in the choosing process. However, I eventually settled on the Pasta Jumbalaya, grilled chicken, and added an extra side of potatoes (it comes with broccoli) and it was the perfect size. I was full, but not so full that I didn't want to walk the block to the Orpheum. Our waiter was pretty great as well (Stephen? Steven?). This place doesn't really look like much from the outside, but the inside is extremely cozy and filled with chatter that makes it seem busy, but in a relaxed way.
One of the best things about it?
It wasn't even that expensive. For mine and his Choose Two, our popcorn shrimp appetizer, my extra side, and a glass of wine, it came out to about $50.

We completely happened upon this place by accident. and LOVED it. I didn't think to take a photo of the man playing piano and singing in the corner, because we were just enjoying it too much, but seriously, this place is a gem. All of the waiters, especially the bartender, were super friendly. They had the biggest selection of alcohol that I've ever seen (liquor, mainly), and from the outside, it looks like a tiny hole in the wall. On the inside, however, it stretches back much further than expected. It's got a quiet elegance about it, and though we didn't eat any of the food because we were just killing time before Wicked started, the menu boasted many different German specialties. I will absolutely come back here every time I'm in Memphis.

I feel like this one doesn't need much explaining. It's a beautiful old building, rebuilt in 1928, and boasts massive chandeliers, incredible architecture, and all the lights imaginable. It's not by any means the largest theatre or the most grand, but it is undoubtedly gorgeous. I loved everything about it. And aside from the building itself, the workers were extremely helpful, and they stationed merchandise and drink stands at the best places throughout the theatre. The staircases can be a bit of a maze (if you're trying to find the bathrooms, at least), but I have nothing bad to say about the theatre.

This place was also recommended by a friend who lives in Memphis, and I am so glad that we decided to try it! It's open extremely late (around 3 AM, I believe), so it was perfect for us to go to once we left the Orpheum around 11. The line can be long, but the owner was super polite and worked as fast as he could to both work the register and bring everyone their orders. We initially got ours to eat at the little corner shop, but the cheesecake was big enough that neither one of us could finish it, so we ended up getting it to go. I'm normally a fan of plain cheesecake, but since they were out, I chose the vanilla pound - and it was totally worth it! It's about as close to plain as you can get, and it is so delectable. The boy got chocolate chip, and I'm assured that he loved his as well. 

Basically, everything about yesterday was perfect.
My only advice if you do decide to try any of these out?
Be careful. They're not in the best part of town and we had two different people come up and ask us for money. Just look like you know where you're going and do NOT stop for anyone and you should be just fine. Be smart about it and go try out some amazing Memphis food. :)

Happy Saturday!
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  1. aw this looks amazing! i've never been to memphis, but now i think i'd like it, lol

    1. I'm sure you would! Depending on how far away you are, I would definitely say you should take the drive! :)

  2. This looks absolutely lovely! It seems as though you had a wonderful valentines day!

  3. Oh my goodness, looks like you had a wonderful Valentine's! Isn't Wicked just sooooo wonderful? Definitely one of my favorites - I cried the majority of the second act.


    1. IT IS! I knew the soundtrack by heart already, and For Good always makes me tear up!

  4. What a perfect date night!!! I've never been to Memphis, but it seems like a cool city. I love those places that just seem like nothing from the outside, but then when you walk in, it's so elegant and charming :) Glad you had a great Vday!!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  5. SO jealous! Pearls is one of my favorite restaurants and the Orpheum is my favorite place to see a play/movie! You definitely did Memphis the right way! Glad you enjoyed it :)

    1. I'm glad you think so! I seriously loved everything! :)

  6. This trip looks amazing! So glad you were able to eat your way through Memphis (the best way to travel, let'sbehonest). Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  7. This sounds like the PERFECT Valentine's Day! I've never been to Memphis, but it sounds like such a fun city. I've always wanted to see Wicked, so I'm unbelievably jealous. Looks like y'all had a blast! That dessert looks delish. I'm always so nervous when people come and ask me for money or look like they want to ask for money. I just don't make eye contact. Inside, I'm freaking out though. Ah!

  8. It seriously looks like you had an amazing time! So happy for you. :)


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