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Sunday, February 2

top five posts ever.

I don't know how everyone else's weekend is going, but mine has been pretty lazy until a few hours ago. I've worked all weekend, but aside from that, I've slept late and stayed up late doing nothing but procrastination. Today, however, I decided that I should at least get some work done before Monday starts. So for the past few hours, I have cleaned, straightened, and even reorganized the clothes in my closet. But while doing so, I realized that I haven't posted in a few days [and I have a ton of homework to do]. So with both in mind, the idea for this post came up! I've been blogging now for a little over a year, and I've only had people other than my parents [thanks, mom!] reading it for a few months now, so I figured - why not do a top five post? I'd love to share some posts you may not have seen before and hear your thoughts on them!
So without further ado- my top five posts [minus giveaways!]. ever. 
I'd love comments and feedback, so please let me know what you think! :) And show me some of your favorites as well!
Wingardium Leviosa!
My Very First Vlog.
The Dos and Don'ts at a Music Festival
30 Before 30
Pinterest Posting

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  1. LOVE all your top posts! It was fun to revisit them. Just bought a spot :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  2. all your posts are heartwarming! But Wingardium Leviosa! is still my favorite, just because I truly hope I'll have the opportunity to go there myself :)

  3. Hi Allison!
    I'm new from HCBN :) What a perfect way to get to know you and your blog! I love love love these posts and can't wait to read more! (oh look there... why, yes, that does appear to be Divergent. *click*)
    Happy Monday!

  4. No wonder they are your top posts--they are so wonderful! I'm so glad you posted this because I hadn't seen 30 before 30 and I loved it! xx

    <(") Hoda


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