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Monday, February 3

Spotlight: Elizabeth from October June.

Today's post is my first EVER sponsor spotlight! And it's focusing on one of my favorite, and most hilarious tweeters, Elizabeth from October June. She's a Harry Potter lover, like myself, and apparently is just made up of HP trivia. And she loves a multitude of things.

British television
indie movies
Chinese food

But not only is she just generally awesome for her love of hipster-y type items, but she's also just an incredible person and blogger. I haven't had the opportunity to know her for very long, but she's got enough motivation and drive in her love for her blog that it even intimidates me sometimes!

She does fashion posts:


I mean, she's just basically a creative, inspiring ball of awesome. So you should take five minutes and go check her out. :) Also. Her tweets really are hilarious. 
 photo Untitled_zps45416aee.png


  1. aw i love her style and her blog!

  2. Great spotlight! I just recently started reading her blog and I have to agree with you on all points! She just seems like such a cool person and I love her blog! I'm so glad you shared it with all your readers! :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush


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