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Wednesday, February 12

Sponsor Guest Post: Kriselle.

I'm super excited to share a sponsor post today! This girl will have her own sponsor spotlight post (coming soon), but as her guest post on the blog, she wanted to answer a few questions about herself so she could introduce properly and share her loves with all you ladies! So without further ado, I present the beautiful, sweet Kriselle.

I know you're Filipino-American, so what's one or two of your favorite foods?
Wow, haha I love this question! Filipinos (or Asians in general) live life around food, so this is just great! But my favorite Filipino dish is called sinigang na baka, which is basically a Filipino version of beef stew. It's really lemony and sour and has tons of veggies in it, plus the beef of course! You eat it with rice and it fills you up pretty nicely. Here's a picture of it so that you could get an idea of what it looks like [:

Since you live in SoCal, have you traveled anywhere else in the country?
Yes! I've been to Las Vegas, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, San Francisco, and Chicago before. I wish I could have traveled farther East or North, but next month I get to go up to Oregon and Washington State during spring break when my choir tours up there!

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? 
I would probably want to travel through Europe, especially Spain. I've been to the Philippines, Australia, and Peru, which are all on different continents, so I want to hit Europe next and go to Spain! 

What's a quote or catchphrase you live by?
I like to "live and love life." It's really cheesy to say, but it's true! That's why my blog is called "Livin' and Lovin'!" It's so simple and representative of the way I live out my life every day. 

Favorite TV show? 
This is a hard one. I would have to say, Say Yes to the Dress. I am one of THE biggest hopeless romantics you will ever meet, and I love watching bride shows or fashion-type shows even if they're not bridal. With Say Yes to the Dress, it's still fashion, but I also get to watch these women live out their "fairytales" of getting to have their dream wedding with their dream husbands.

Favorite book?
Crap. I don't have a favorite book! I just love to read as much as possible when I can. I will say, however, that I do have a favorite author named Emily Giffin. I've read all of her books and am looking forward to her newest book to come out soon!

Your plans for V-Day? 
Unfortunately, none yet! I don't know what I'm doing with my boyfriend on that day (if we're doing anything at all!). Plans are up in the air but I hope that I'm doing something!

Why/when did you start blogging?
I started blogging almost six years ago during my freshman year of high school as a way to vent and have my own online diary. I stopped for a while and got back into blogging and started this blog last May as a way to keep writing and sharing my opinions online. Besides, as a journalist, having a blog is always a good thing to showcase your writing skills. I just love blogging and writing so much!

What's your favorite thing to blog about?
Honestly, I am really indecisive so I can't pick just one thing. But if I didn't love the things I blogged about anyway, why would I even bother writing it, right? I love blogging about fashion, beauty, food, college, dating, my faith, and everything in between.

Your goal for your blog?
I just want to grow it and have it be a place for people to come to my blog when they need to know something or need help or encouragement. I want my blog to be like a friend. I try to be real and honest on my blog as much as possible and I want people to feel comfortable following my blog/commenting on it/or anything like that. I just love to talk and tell stories, so I just want to reach out to as many people as I possibly can who are willing to listen. 

If you'd like to follow her, she blogs here. 
Her FB is here.
And she tweets from here. 

And now I'm heading to the google to find out if I can learn how to make this stew. :)

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. Thanks so much for having me, Allison! I've loved being your sponsor this month :]

  2. Love this! Kriselle is such a sweetheart - loved getting to know her better!!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush


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