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Wednesday, February 19

A Day In The Life Of Allison.

Well, ladies and gents, I had a lot of post ideas for this week that I was planning on doing, but I didn't take photos of either of the recipes I cooked (sorry, I'll do it later!), haven't bought anything cute because I'm broke (story of every college kid's life), and haven't really raised my head from Spanish homework and The Monk as I have all the homework in the world lately.

So I figured that this would be a good time for a day in the life of Allison. 
Forewarning - it's really not all that interesting. Outside of blog world I'm a pretty boring person.

Also, I keep telling myself that I'll use my fancy camera instead of my phone, but I really need to charge the battery. These phone photos are mostly gonna be untouched since I'm showing you the daily parts of my life. 

First, I wake up. 

And after snoozing my alarm at least three times, I finally stumble out of bed and put decent clothing on for class (no sweats here!) because I never do my hair and only half of the time look squinty eyed around my room for foundation to put on. I figure that the least I can do is wear real clothing.

Next, I go to class. Most of the time.

I'm an English major. A junior English major. Which means that I read a lot of books. And by a lot, I cannot stress the fact that it is a COPIOUS amount of books. I'm pretty sure that I have about 18 books or so that I'm supposed to read throughout this semester, along with my Spanish 4 class and my first half of honors research. And though some of these books are actually extremely interesting, some of them are so awful that I can only read two pages at a time. [I do mean awful in a very subjective way as most of the books are taught and read around the world, both for class and pleasure.]

After class, I always [at least for the past three days] come back to the apartment to eat lunch.

While many would get onto me for having all the junk food in the first place, if I don't have junk food I WILL go to a drive through or a Krispy Kreme or a gas station for the biggest Hershey bar you have ever seen. Thus, I have the healthy and the unhealthy. But I am proud to say that I've been going more for the healthy lately! You also can't see that I have Vanilla Coke Zero at the bottom of the pantry. I just wanted to point this out because it is the best drink in creation.

Then at some point during the day I have to clean this bedside table. I swear I clean it and make it neat and cute every night before bed, but by bedtime the next day it is just like this or worse. I don't even know how it happens. I have other counters in my room that are just fine and organized.

Once the night begins, I put a movie on the tv while I procrastinate (or actually sometimes do) homework. Most of the time it's Mean Girls, because it's the one movie I literally know every line to and don't have to pay attention at all to tell what's going on. Seriously. Point at me and say "Go!" and I will tell you the next five lines and who says them.

When I'm in stage two of procrastination, I check my daily planner and blog planner to make to-do lists (because that makes sense, right?). Generally, it's one of the last things I do for the night, aside from stalk other bloggers on all social media.

Then I put on my Slytherin socks and settle in with another movie, generally with the amazing boyfriend. I've been known to stay up til three in the morning checking out blogs and new people to meet. And I'm gonna take this paragraph to say that I absolutely love the blogging world. When I started, I didn't really want to meet anyone. It was for me to look back on one day - like a journal. And though it is that, I have come in contact with ladies who I truly believe are some of the best individuals in the world. They're encouraging, loving, and even care when someone posts in my Blogger network on FB about how her dog died or her boyfriend broke up with her and she just needs someone to talk. The amount of support that I have seen in the past six months has literally made me love my blog and everything that comes with it. 

So even though this wasn't meant to be a sappy post at all-
Thank you. To everyone who has ever left me a comment, emailed, followed, shared, pinned, or tweeted - you make my days better and give me something to smile about on the worst days.

Blog on, ladies.
You're the best.

[all supernatural GIFs come from here where the owner is super sweet and amazing and doesn't care if you use them]

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  1. Supernatural gifs for the win!!!! Haha. I love this, and totally approve of the constant mean girls watching.

  2. Aaww this blog post is just what I needed. I just started my own site since I wont be a HC writer soon and all I see are all these blogging besties all over the place, and I'm like, oh gawd I'm so alone lol. Hopefully with a few weeks/months it'll feel like less of a one person hobby :)

  3. What a cute post! I really enjoyed reading about you, haha I personally thought it was interesting [:

  4. I feel lucky to have followed your blog and came across one of your life posts like the very next day! Can't believe you have to read so many books but I guess it's a must since you are an English major. I actualy read Bless Me, Ultima for class but I don't remember it at all. I guess I'll have to read that again. Also the fact about Mean Girls is the same with me. My sis and I are always using their quotes and cracking up. Never gets old.

    Chamomile Dealer

  5. it's sooo true, i love the blogging community! :) hcxo!

  6. Love this post! Your room is so cute - I love the lights. The blogging community really is so amazing and supportive. I love it so much and is the main reason I continue to blog every day!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  7. Hey your fridge looks better than mine! Also love my erin condren :)

  8. i loved this!
    and the little glimpse into your day to day life.
    girl hot chick is my movie (where i can say the next 5 lines) haha so i definitely throw that one on when i just want background noise. that and 30 rock. :)

  9. I really like this post, it gives a good insight into your life. I'm really nosy so I love this kind of thing!

    Thanks for sending over your link, Have just followed you

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  10. I love this! Perfect little peek into your life and lists rule. While I love reading, I'm sure I would not be able to read all the books you have to read for your major since I like a simple read, lol. Why I went to art school. That and tests. I agree that you need to have some bad in the house to keep you from stopping somewhere else!

  11. This is so cute! I've been thinking about doing this for a while, and I might. Plus, top notch usage of Supernatural gifs! ;)

    xx, Elizabeth


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