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Monday, January 13

the bane of a college student's existence.

Today was my first day back to classes and [surprise surprise] I hadn't bought any of my books yet. I didn't really mean to be that behind on getting organized, happens. I did, however, make it to each class on time and not walk in the wrong door. So that's a success!

But on the textbook side of things-

Everyone knows that campus book stores jack up their prices a RIDICULOUS amount just because they know they're convenient. If I didn't have a book voucher or had to go over the amount I'm given, I would set my sights on a different way to rent books. And I would first head to

I know of a bunch of different websites that you can rent/buy from, but what really makes this website my choice is the fact that they donate to Operation Smile with every book that's rented. Knowing that little kids' cleft palates are being fixed with part of the money I paid with is much more satisfying than knowing that all of the money I paid at the bookstore goes straight back into the store. I don't have any children, but I know that if I did have a child born with a broken smile, I would welcome all help any way I could get it. 

And aside from Operation Smile, there's other perks that go along with renting from Campus Book Rentals.

// You'll save 40-90% more than you would if you bought from your own bookstore.
// They offer FREE shipping both ways
// You're allowed to highlight in the text books
// They have flexible renting periods

The free shipping is the second thing that grabbed my attention. Shipping can be so expensive that sometimes it's almost not even worth getting a book online. Especially on sites like Ebay. 

They also now have a program called Rent Back that allows students to rent out books that they own to other students - and it gives them 2-4x more money than if they do normal buyback!

Still wondering how it works?

I absolutely back this book company in every way, and if for some reason my voucher ever runs out, I'll definitely be using this website and brand. :) So if you need text books or know someone that does, please share this post! Broke college kids need all the help we can get.

// this post was sponsored by Campus Book Rentals but all opinions therein are my own and not biased in any way. :)


  1. That is so great that they donate a portion of the proceeds! I always bought my books from Amazon when I was in college and then just sold them after I was done if I didn't want to keep them. I'm weird and like to keep my books from my classes. haha

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  2. Don't worry, I always buy my books late just in case (it only hurt me once, but thank God for the SGA and free book rentals at the library!) I'm glad that support such a great cause and I will be definitely be looking into their rent back program. Thanks for the heads up!


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