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Wednesday, January 8

Pure Seduction. ♥

A week or two ago, I asked people through Twitter and Facebook to send me their emails so I could, in turn, ask them a question. I didn't give a hint as to what the question was and I was originally aiming for 20 or so people to answer, but once I decided to actually make something out of the answers instead of just sharing them through words, I was massively relieved that there weren't more people who answered. The task to make all of these became kind of ridiculous, and yet beautiful at the same time. The question was:

If you had to describe your perfect Pure Seduction, what would it be?

And it was inspired by a lotion that I use every now and then synonymously named. I jokingly asked a friend of mine what his would be...and his answer made me think of all of my readers and what their answers might be.

Mine, for example, would be Harry Potter, old books, white zinfandel wine, butterflies [of the stomach variety], and a fireplace.

And these were their answers.

I didn't write out what everyone's answers were underneath their photo because I feel like it would take away from the simplicity of what the photos themselves tell. I don't really have a specific reasoning behind this post aside from the curiosity of wanting to know what others found beautiful and "seductive." However, I find it pretty friggin' awesome that books were included in many of the answers.

Thank you TONS to all the people who answered me, and for anyone who wants to know, here are their blogs! -

Briana at Royally Pink
Elizabeth at Emphatically Elle
Emma at It's Emma Elise
Erika at Vintage Freak
Jordan at Insatiable
Lindsey at More Awesomer
Megan at Lush to Blush
Olivia at Liv Love Laugh
See ree na at Ryokogurl

And for anyone who didn't reply to my question, I would LOVE to hear your own response below or in an email. :)


  1. Love love love this! People gave some great answers.

  2. Yay! This is awesome. I'm so glad I could be a part of it! Do most of these girls have blogs? I'm really interested now that I know their favorite scents! I'd love to discover some new blogs based on these images! Thanks for including me :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  3. Ditto what Megan said! I love what you did with this, any way we could have the blog links?

  4. I was checking your blog five times every day, I waited so long for this post! This really came out better than I expected and I am glad that I was a part of it. Will check other participants blogs for sure later :)

  5. ahhhh i love how you organized this! <3

  6. What a fun idea! Pure seduction is one of my favorite scents from VS. My pure seduction would probably have to be...books, smell good (idk how to word that, but I love when guys smell good. Cologne, maybe?), biceps, moscato, and picnics.

  7. This was an awesome post idea! I think mine would be a soft warm bed, hot chocolate, endless playlist of my favorite songs, books, and a laptop.


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