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Wednesday, November 13

What I'd Rather Be Doing...

Things I would rather be doing than this research paper:

// watching Supernatural. of course.

// reading a book.

// taking a nap.

// scrolling through drama on social media.

// playing with Pippa

// attack hugging someone.

// drinking hot tea to help me feel better about the fact that i'm getting a cold and have a research paper due by midnight tonight.

what you you rather be doing than homework?
no, really. you should tell me. because i'll probably end up doing it as well and then tweeting you about it while still procrastinating. :)

happy wednesday, everyone.


  1. Haha, love this! I'm glad I don't have to worry about school anymore, but as a writer, I have my deadlines. :( I'd rather be watching one of my favorite shows instead of finishing up this article for Groupon!!

    xo Megan,

  2. it's so true. if it's not due, do it later has become my motto this semester!
    -Olivia from

  3. I just watched an episode of Supernatural instead of starting my homework, so.... well, I guess I'd better get it started now. xD

  4. I'd rather be napping. Or watching Grey's Anatomy. Or online shopping. Or reading blogs.
    ♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise


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