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Monday, November 25

Sickly Monday.

the past few days have been pretty amazing. i took a day trip to Birmingham to meet a friend of mine and we literally spent almost 12 hours just shopping. i was EXHAUSTED by the time we got back and i haven't really slowed down since. also. i'm sick. my sweet boyfriend has been sick for the past week or so and even though i keep telling him to stay away from me, he just won't do it. [rude, right? :)] thus, here i am with a constant headache, feeling achy, and i'm losing my voice. thus, today's post shall be called...

with me all in my glasses and everything.
because on top of all that, my right eye feels like i've been punched. i'm still trying to wear my contacts periodically, but every few hours or so they decide to act up again and make me feel like i have ten billion eye lashes in my eye. fun times, guys and girls, fun times.

so since i'm sickly and don't really want to move anywhere, today's post is going to be all about my sickly monday recommendations.

What To Do When You're Sick on a Monday:

// skip your classes. [although, i didn't skip mine. i can't. i've used up all of my skips already. oops.]
// sit in your car as long as possible if you have to go anywhere. you'll stay warm for a precious few more seconds and possibly fall asleep for a few minutes. surprise naps are the best. don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
// reply to ALL the emails that you've let sit in your inbox for who knows how long. if you get an email from me today replying to something from a month ago...well, yeah. you know why.
// go to your local coffee shop and take advantage of warm drinks and music like Blues to End All Blues by Etta Jones.
// watch B horror movies on Netflix. while you're at it, make sure you watch The Ward. it's actually really amazing. my roommate and i stumbled upon it while doing just what i'm telling you to do.
// pick a spot on your couch or loveseat or chair and then refuse to move. you're sick. you can do that.
// pin crafts on pinterest that you can do when you aren't sick anymore. or just scroll through and kill time. that works too.
// play Quizup. it's addictive and fun and you learn things. you should add me as a friend if you haven't already!
// order Jimmy Johns. THEY DELIVER. more importantly, they only charge you a few extra cents for delivery.
// find all of the blogging giveaways you can and enter! most of the time, i put off entering very many just because i don't have time to sit and follow/like/tag/tweet/FB everything. i like to really read over the blogs and see if i truly want to support them or not. because i don't want to just be a number for someone else. if i'm going to follow you, i'm going to REALLY follow you! but sickly days, mondays, and rainy days [which today is all three for me] are perfect to take the time to go through all of them. it's not like there's anywhere else you need to be!
// read Looking for Alaska. or Harry Potter. or in respect for Catching Fire coming out, re-read the Hunger Games series. Great Expectations is also one of my favorite books.
// nap.
// write your own list of things to do! and let me know about them. i love lists and i'd love to read them.

side notes:

// if you're feeling awesome, you should use your email to sign up to follow allisonleighann! i've got a few ideas in my head for a giveaway relatively soon and i'd love to partner with people but thus far, i have no way of doing so without seeking out every email myself. so please link up if you'd like to possibly participate in the future! :)
// i have a new design! if you haven't noticed, the old is gone and the new is here. i love it. Christina made it. go check her out if you need a new design! it's only $35 for her full package and she's precious and incredible.
// i'm using the tips i learned from Kate [and friends] today about forgetting all the blogging rules. i wrote what i wanted, how i wanted, and didn't worry about grammar [gasp from all the English majors like me out there] or the way something would be taken. and i've loved writing this post.

// serious question, everyone-
would you watch it if i made a vlog?
i've wanted to for awhile but i just have NO idea what to talk about!
any ideas? suggestions? or should i just give up this dream?

in any case,
i hope all of you are having a great monday.
sickly or not.

i'm linking up with Emma Elise for Manic Mondays this week. :) YOU SHOULD TOO! she's not only super amazing, but also just starting off this link up. why would you not?
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  1. You are so stinking cute. Also, I always sit in my car as long as possible in the winter lol!! Those last few minutes of warmth are precious! :) I hope you feel better soon!!

  2. I hope you're feeling better today!

  3. I'm sorry you're sick! I hope you got lots of rest!!

    xo Megan,

  4. Oh my gosh. I just stumbled upon this post. And it reminded me of why I love you so much. Way to continue being freaking awesome!

    ♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise


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