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Thursday, November 21

My First Love.

i know that i talk about Supernatural A LOT, but i feel like i need to show my affection for my first love - 

the harry potter series was my first love in my life, and it will most likely be my last.
i'm not sure how i could explain how much i adore everything about the series. it grew up with me, as i got the first book when i was 12 or 13, and i dressed up and worked the premier for the seventh and eighth movies at the theatre here. [i actually also have two tattoos that are from HP, but you don't know that.]

i'm a little bit in love with Tom Felton [draco], and have been since i began my journey.
Snape was always one of my favorite characters.
i really despise Ginny. if you'd like to know more about why, you're welcome to email me. :)

looking up different GIFs for this made me nostalgic in all the best ways. so i'll be reading the first book tonight once i'm off work. and because i'm a Harry/Hermione fan [sorry Ron/Hermione...not my thing], you'll be enjoying one of my favorite parts of the movies that wasn't actually in the book. :)

in any case, enjoy the GIFs. and the new giveaway!

oh, if only.


  1. Ooooh how I love Harry Potter as well! I totally think it has something to do with the fact that it came into our lives while we were young... and followed us through adulthood. As we experienced so many changes in life (from growing up) Harry Potter was (and is) constantly there to make us forget about real life for awhile :)
    HP will always be my #1 :)

  2. Yaaayy I love Harry Potter! It is the best series out there by far! :)

    My favorite birthday party was last year. My birthday was on 12/12/12!!

    xo Megan,

  3. I love Harry Potter, too! I've never had a good birthday party, to be honest with you! For my 21st birthday, my dad paid the bartender to make sure I didn't get any alcohol. hahah!


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