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Wednesday, November 20

Liebster & Giveaway #3!

as i've been sitting here watching Harry Potter for the last few minutes, i've been wondering what i could post about to go along with the Wednesday giveaway today. with all the papers and spanish homeworks i have due this week, i haven't had much time to think up different topics. BUT. i remembered that i was nominated for a Liebster award! i haven't done one of these in quite a long time, so i suppose now is as good of a time as any other. 

first off, i want to thank the lovely Marylou for nominating me for this award! without her, there would just be a plain old giveaway post today.

basically, what this award is-

// given to bloggers that have less than 200 followers [in my case, it was given for Bloglovin' followers, as i only have 96!]

// each blogger answers questions given by the blogger before

// whoever is chosen goes on to choose 5 new people for the award to go to. 

// create ten new questions for your nominations to answer!

my nominations are:

Char from Chartreuth
Tiffany from d'Asti at Tiffany's
Heather from From Here to There
Erica from So Much Sunshine

my questions to answer:

what made you want to start a blog?
well. it was kind of a lot of things coming together. i love to write, but i didn't have the motivation to do it every day. blogging was/is a way for me to do that and then look back on it one day. i'm huge on reading old letters and notes. even if it's just a sticky note i find. also, it was something that i could do that made me happy while everything else in my life was one big huge ball of stress. i love my blog. i love the people i find through it. and i love coming up with ideas and learning new things every day.

who's your beauty guru?
oh, girl. i'm not a big "beauty" person. i wear makeup every day, and sometimes a good bit, but i've never played with different colors or types of makeup. once i know what i like, i stick to it. but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions or wants me to do a makeup post...hey! i'd do it. it'd give me motivation to throw out some old makeup and try new things. :) maybe.

if you had to choose between eyeliner and mascara, what would you keep?
mascara. i LOVE eyeliner, but my face doesn't look right with eyeliner and no mascara.

who's your style icon and why?
same question as beauty guru. haha. i like what i like and don't what i don't. maybe because i just don't have that much time to find new things. any of my extra time is spent on the blog. :)

what kind of blog post do you prefer?
it depends on the day, really. sometimes i like to read life stories - i am a lifestyle blogger after all. but sometimes i get in the mood for other things. book reviews, beauty posts, etc. but i can't do blogs that are ALL beauty or fashion. i get bored too easily. mainly just because i'm broke and can't buy anything...but ya know.

where do you take inspiration for your blog?
everywhere! literally. in class, at work, at home, from a movie, a book, a habit i've had lately...anything.

what kind of goals do you want to reach with your blog?
my goal right now is to go to a blogger meet up one day. i really REALLY love that i meet so many people through here, and some of the people i meet seem amazing. networking through blogs is definitely my favorite. but i'd also love for it to someday help me bring in a little bit of monetary help as well. if i could make money while doing what i love...well, what's better than that?

what is your absolute favorite shop?
that is a really tough question. i love h&m. and forever 21. and urban outfitters. free people. american apparel. michael kors. the m&m store in Times Square. etc...

if you had a lot of money, what's the first thing you'd like to buy?
my grad school funds, wherever it may be.

where do you see yourself in ten years time?
hopefully not in MS. edinburgh, maybe. or ireland. NYC. chicago. somewhere along those lines. hopefully i'll be working as an editor for a publishing company or a magazine or a website.

and these are my questions for you:

// what is your favorite book and why?
// what is your fondest college [or high school if you aren't in college yet] memory?
// what's something you've learned from blogging?
// what's a goal you want to make with your blog?
// where do you want to be when you're 30?
// why'd you start your blog?
// what's your favorite place that you've been?
// are you a morning or night person?
// coffee or tea?
// what's your makeup routine every day?

sorry this wasn't up at midnight!
i may have gotten sidetracked by talk of ghosts, God, and then general gossip. i love my friends. :)

have a lovely day, everyone.


  1. I need to purchase some probiotics for my cat, so this would come in handy for that

  2. Thanks for nominating me, girl!! You're too sweet. :)

  3. I nominated you because I like yur blog,girl!!!It was a pleasure!
    -Marylou xx


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