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Monday, November 4

30 before 30.

in my last post, i made my list of accomplishments that i finished while i was 20. and somewhere in the post, i mentioned that i wanted to make a list for "30 before 30." i already have a bucket list, but i feel like most of those are truly things that i want to finish over a lifetime, rather than in the next ten nine years. instead, i narrowed it all down a little bit into ideas that i truly think i can master in this smaller amount of time. and the more i thought up this list, the more i got SO excited for all of these things. there's more than this that i want to do with my life, but this is a pretty good start. at least for the next decade or so. :)

// be an Au Pair for at least a month.
// graduate college – undergraduate and graduate.
// learn basic Italian.
// run a 5k.
// take a roadtrip around the US.
// go back to Scotland.
// live in NYC for a year.
// own enough books to start a small library.
// go on a cruise.
// meet Misha Collins OR Tom Felton [I know this one’s a stretch…but I like to believe it could happen.]
// see Katy Perry in concert.
// re-learn to play the guitar and piano.
// start a vlog and do at least 5 videos.
// learn to sew.
// write a book.
// go see the Warren museum.
// send out a message in a bottle.
// get a big girl job. [anyone want to hire me for some kind of editorial work?]
// go sky diving.
// learn to drive a stick shift.
// start using the No-Poo system on my hair on a regular basis.
// take a photography class.
// no social media for a week.
// go to a huge festival – Bonnaroo, Burning Man, Coachella, etc.
// celebrate Halloween in Ireland.
// go to the 10 most haunted cities in the US.
// help teach someone English. Whether through email, person, or any other medium.
// see a Broadway show.
// learn to cook better. And healthier.

once i finish one of these tasks, i'll come back and cross it off. and blog about it, of course! so make sure to keep up with this one. :) and send me links to your own lists as well! i'll add them to this post as i get them. i'd love to see other people pursuing their dreams as well.

also. i still feel like i'm dreaming. goals for THIRTY?! i just want to watch boy meets world wrapped up in my tinkerbell footie pajamas. alas, i am instead making this list. and procrastinating homework.

happy monday, everyone.

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  1. Very nice post! :) I have a list like this in my head too :). I already celebrated Halloween in Dublin by the way haha!
    x Hannah

  2. I need to write out my own 30! I'd also LOVE to meet Misha Collins or Tom Felton . . .preferably both? xD And so many of these things are also ones I'd love to do! You can do it!

  3. Love this "bucket list" :) I'm new to HerCampus and love finding fellow college bloggers (Sometimes feel like I'm the only one!)

    xo Shane

  4. I LOVE this list. I just turned 20 in October so I'm definitely feeling that quarter-life crisis coming on. Also, learning to drive a stick shift has always been on my life list!

    // Lindsey,

  5. I've copied you a bit and done one of my own. I had a hard time picking only thirty things!

    Also I see you use No Poo (or want to start). Is that the product by DevaCurl? Because that is all I use!

  6. I have done my own 30 before 30 here <3 Thanks for the great idea!


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