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Tuesday, October 22

surprise GIVEAWAY!

so i know that i've been gone for a week or so, but i figured that the best way to come back would be to come back with a bang! so i partnered up with Luke and Abby from Degno di Nota to bring you an awesome giveaway!

i've been so ready for the fall weather to arrive that when it finally did, it completely took me by surprise. i cannot believe that we're only two and a half months away from 2014. i feel like there's so many things i still need to do before the new year hits, and i absolutely adore calendars. personally, i have a Life Planner by Erin Condren and it's my saving grace.

on top of that, i love traveling! and since i won't be able to really do much in the next year or so, i can live vicariously through the calendar that i'll be buying from Degno di Nota as well. :) they take all the photos themselves and they come from London, Paris, Rome, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland.

i can already feel the pull to go overseas again.

in any case, they also make it to where you can cut out the photos when the month is over and hang them on your walls!

pretty much everything about this calendar makes me want three of them. so why not enter to win a free one? :)

the giveaway will end at midnight on my 21st birthday, which gives you about 10 days to enter!
good luck to everyone!

happy tuesday!


  1. 2014 - a year where I can hopefully save some $$ while doing some fun things (and working on myself!) haha

  2. ps - great giveaway & you've been missed!

  3. So cute!! I'm looking forward to HOPEFULLY moving to Denver, Colorado to be closer to my boyfriend. :)

  4. I'm looking forward to graduating from COLLEGE!!! FINALLY!!!! haha ! and I also REALLY hope to have a baby next year! *fingers crossed (:

  5. A few of those links are broken in rafflecopter! NOne the less I entered :)

  6. my 22nd birthday!! (mostly so i can dance around to taylor swifts 22!)

  7. What I'm looking forward to in 2014 is continuing to get my blog out there :)

  8. THREE of my close girlfriends are expecting & their due dates range from February to April... I am SO excited for all the baby cuddles to come!

  9. A brand new start to my resolutions that I never stick to!

  10. What I'm looking forward in 2014 is that there is a chance for me to move to Canada. So exited!


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