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Thursday, October 31

my last day as a 20 year old.

well. tomorrow, anyway.

i cannot believe that i am finally turning 21! even though i know it's cliche to say, i feel like it's taken forever. the last few weeks, however, have flown by. until my mom's birthday on the 16th, i didn't even realize that mine was coming up soon. i guess work and class will do that to you. 

in any case, i am ridiculously excited. being 21 means that:

// i can now drink [obviously]
// i can legally adopt a child
// i could be an airline pilot if i wanted to
// act as a legal guardian
// go to a casino

i don't feel like i should already be that old. i feel like i should've done more with my life by now and this morning my best friend said:

"you pretty much have nine years left to make the best of your life."

which, at first, terrified me. 
and, of course, i told her that's definitely not true. i plan on my life being wonderful til i'm old and can't move without the help of three grandkids, a walker, and the motivation of old reruns of Supernatural.

but then i thought about it. maybe it isn't 100% true, but at the same time, why not make goals for myself in my 20s? for me, it really is the best time. i'll graduate college relatively soon [HOORAY MAY 2015], so i have an endless amount of options for my life.

so i decided that i'm going to make a "30 [things to do/see] before 30 list.
and being an Au Pair next summer is at the top of my list. :)

even though i have SO many things that i want to do in the next nine years, i feel like the first year of my 20s has been pretty successful as well.

// i made it to the top of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland [while out of shape, mind you]

// went to the Platform 9 3/4 in Kings Cross Station in London [and completely fangirled]

// saw the library at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland [sorry it's blurry!]

// visited a distillery in Glasgow with the rest of my honors class

// saw one of my best friends for the first time in a VERY long time

// got the opportunity to hang out on a movie set a few towns over. and even be an extra. thanks, leah. you're the best. :)

// was initiated into Sigma Tau Delta [English majors, FTW] :)

// moved into my first apartment!

// participated in my first REAL Mardi Gras in NOLA

// had a class of '11 meet up with some of the girls

// and i went to NYC for the first time and stayed 9 days with one of my favorite people.

not too shabby, right?

happy thursday!


  1. HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY! It really is the most fun birthday to celebrate! All the birthdays after this one, you just start to feel old! Haha. It looks like you had an AWESOME first year as a "20-something." I'm so jealous of your platform 9 3/4 picture! I'm planning on going to London in June, so of course I'll be hitting that up. Hope you enjoy your birthday!

  2. You definitely accomplished a lot! And now, a whole 'nother year has passed by! (Happy belated 22nd, btw)

    ♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise


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