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Monday, October 7

i'm ridiculously ready for winter.

what comes along with winter?
i adore boots. i would spend so much money on boots and never wear any other shoe if i could have a say so. sadly, summer comes around and forces me to pack them up for a few months before i can take them out again.

but with fall being right around the corner, and winter being only a few months away, i figured that now is a good time to go ahead and buy even more pairs of boots.

personally, i'm a fan of the combat boot style, and these are my top choices for this winter.

1 // Aldo // $130
2 // DSW // $60
4 // Target // $35

i love all of these, especially since they're from $35 to $130, so it fits my budget on any given day.

what are you looking forward to with winter around the corner?

happy sunday!

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