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Wednesday, September 25

winners of the giveaway!

i expected to get this up a couple days ago, but something extremely serious happened a couple days ago that pretty much put a halt to everything else in my life.

but now that i have time, i'm super excited to share who won what!

this post is literally just to announce the winners, so be on the lookout for a real post later. :)

Winner #1: 
[Ayla won the earrings from Angie at POPJewelryStudio]

Winner #2: 
[Paige won the handmade burlap banner from Lauren at The Albrechts Blog!]

Winner #3:
[Erika won the blog template from KotrynaBassDesign]

I'll be sending all of you emails to let you know the details, so be watching for them!

Congratulations, girls!
And thank you so much to everyone who participated and made my first giveaway amazing!

happy wednesday!

1 comment:

  1. can't believe I actually won something! this made my day! thanks :)


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