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Wednesday, September 11

online shopping is my lovely addiction.

today's prompt is very near and dear to my heart.
Share links to your favorite online shops, preferably with a few photos of your favorite items in each shop.

but seriously.

until last year, i didn't really shop online much. i was much happier to physically shop. i would drive hours to go shop where i wanted to and almost never bought anything online.

and then my best friend/roommate ruined my bank account forever.
she shops online all the time. for pretty much anything. her family even makes fun of her for having a new package in the mail every week.

and living with her for [almost 3] years has finally rubbed off on me.
i love online shopping. my paypal is my best friend.

and i was going to just do the general shops that i love, but instead i decided to showoff my new sponsors! their buttons/ads won't be up until later this week sometime, but i love each of their shops and figured this was the perfect way to say why.

this is going to be a really long post, guys. sorry.

this shop is run by the beautiful couple, Luke and Abby.
FB Page.

Although, we never considered ourselves as "creators" growing up, we have discovered EVERYONE is an artist in their own divinely gifted way
We believe that traveling and new discoveries are life-giving....We believe that creativity brings freedom 
Our little shop was born after returning home from serving in Spain- an injustice to let so many beautiful photographs lay idle, coupled with a husband's gifted hands
{ degno di nota } In Italian | noteworthy....a name inspired by a most influential year- teaching abroad in an eclectic, hidden little corner of Italy- Trieste 

my favorites:

Heart and Arrow is run by one of my favorite bloggers, Whitney.

I'm Whit, the over-caffeinated and enthusiastic designer behind Heart & Arrow. Im a senior studying Business-Marketing at UNCW and loving every minute of it! When Im not staring at my computer, I adore running, coffee, the beach, and traveling.

Whit does blog, logo, and business design and is amazing at her trade! There's an offer for everyone, whether you want a full layout and design, or if you just want social media buttons. She's got it all.

This one is my favorite:

Paper Plane Stationery is actually on vacation at the moment! She's touring with her band, but will be opening back up in October. I hate that I can't share my favorite items of hers at the moment, but I still wanted to include her because she IS awesome [and also, who tours across Europe with their band? automatic epicness right there]. I'll have to do a post on her later. But you should definitely click the "send me an email when she's back" button. Because her products are phenomenal!

But in the meantime...

the last two, but certainly not the least,

Run by Angie, this jewelry shop on etsy is one of my favorites. Her products are super cute and, as promised, give a pop of color to any outfit. You can buy one pair or mix and match whatever you want to. 

Angie Wallace is a trained metalsmith living in Oregon and the owner of POP Jewelry Studio. She spends most days creating in her studio with her assiatant Ella. She loves art, culture, color, glitter, and designing jewelry. All earrings are made from polymer clay and finished with a high shine resin. Each unique color is a POP Jewelry Studio original! She constantly creates new color combinations and loves custom orders. Teeny tiny earrings are her specialty! 

these are some of my favorites:

and here's some other ways to contact her:

I offer simple and funky pre-made blogger and wordpress templates, custom blogger designs & social media branding. All the photographers, fashion addicts, artsy people or clever mummies can now take their blogs to a new level by pimping them up with a brand new template!

I LOVE this girl. I love her blog. I love her designs. And she's one of the sweetest bloggers I've met. For a blog designer, she has WAY more options than most designers do, and you can even create your own. She's also not very expensive, so for the bloggers that are college kids, newlyweds, or anything that just generally means you're broke, these designs are for you.

my absolute favorite:

I've been talking about a giveaway for awhile now, and since I'm so close to getting 150 likes (only 13 more to go!) I'll go ahead and announce that the giveaway will be featuring one of Kotryna's blog designs and jewelry from Angie at POP! I'm super excited about it if you can't tell. :)

and just as a reminder, here's the FB page link:


happy wednesday, all!

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