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Saturday, September 28

my favorite apps.

with IOS7 being out for a week or so now, i figured that a post about my favorite apps would be appropriate. aside from the typical InstagramTwitter, and Facebook, these apps capture my attention more than any others.

cafe flo // this app is to help you have background noise while you study or work on something. it's proven to show that background noise is better than having complete quiet when it comes to productivity. i found it by accident when looking through other apps and it's the FREE version of the app that College Prepster talked about in a post yesterday. it plays coffeehouse background noise and you can also add in your own music!

dailyhoroscope // i'm not necessarily a believer in horoscopes, but they're still super fun to read. a friend told me about this app a week or two ago and now i check it every morning when i wake up. it's a good way to start your day! and oddly enough, it's been eerily accurate so far.

bluebird // if you want a way to budget your money but don't want to use an envelope system or another bank account, bluebird is the way to go! it's a prepaid card that looks just like a debit card, has a free app, but doesn't require a bank account! it costs $5 to initially buy and you can add money at any Walmart or on your online account through your bank. it's a great way to set aside money to save or spend, depending on how you want to use it. and if you lose it, it isn't as big of a deal as if you lost your debit/credit card! you can get on the online account and transfer the money back to your bank account if that does happen.

what're your favorite apps?

also. just created an account. so i have no idea if it's my favorite.
but ask me some questions! :)

also. jumbalaya was a good way to end this autumn-ish day.

happy saturday, all!


  1. I'm loving everything about iOS 7. I haven't downloaded any new apps yet though. I think I'll download that horoscope app though. They really are fun to read!

  2. I love that little random bit with the jumbalaya - it looks so good! (I'm a foodie so of course I comment about the food, sigh)


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