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Tuesday, September 17

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.

Marilyn Monroe had it right.
shoes are one of my favorite things to shop more, and i have a TON in my closet.
however, i don't wear many of them because i bought a lot of them when my style was different [i.e. - high school]

so i've decided that i need to find a heel that looks good with everything, whether it be a blazer for an interview or a dress for class.

here's what's caught my eye so far.

any others you can think of?
i'd love to have other recommendations!

also, i realize that these are expensive. but patience prevails! i'll be watching to see when they go on sale.

happy tuesday!



  1.! The one from Nordstroms and the kate spade are gorgeous!!

  2. My favorite heels are from the Clark's brand, but they probably err a little too far on the side of "sensible", they usually have a thicker heel than the ones you're showing here! (I'm not a fan of painful feet.) :P


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