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Friday, September 6

BLOGTEMBER: what scares you?

A story about a time you were very afraid.

i haven't had very many times in my life that i've just been outright afraid. i'm terrified of spiders, i leave the lights on after scary movies, and i'm a little paranoid if i'm in my apartment late at night if no one else is with me, but those small fears are nothing compared to actually being afraid.

so it took me a little while to come up with something, but then i realized that one very obvious time was recently. the day before i left Edinburgh to head back to the United States, my throat swelled up and i had a headache. i went to bed early, thinking i'd sleep it off, but instead i woke up with a throat three times more swollen and chills. i blew it off, thinking it was a cold, and endured the seven hour flight, six-ish hour layover in New Jersey. after finally getting back to memphis, my parents met me with ibuprofen and cough drops. and that was that. i could tell i was sick but i did NOT want to go to the doctor.

i'm one of those people who hate doctor's offices. not because i hate doctors, really, but because i feel like i've wasted a whole day by the time i leave the building four hours after i sat down. so i didn't go. about a week later, i decided to stay at my parents house for a night and went to bed early with a fever around 102. i woke up about two hours later with my vision completely shaking. i stood up, went to the bathroom, and barely made it before i realized that something was seriously wrong. before i hit the floor in the bathroom, i jerked open the door and called out to my mom to wake up because we had to go to the ER.

she literally JUMPED out of bed and got my dad out of the chair he was sleeping in while i sat on the floor in our living room doing my best to calm myself down and not pass out. i was in a cold sweat, my vision had calmed a little bit but was still kind of shaky, and i literally just felt like i was dying.

seven hours, a whole Z Pack in the form of an IV, a couple of other medications, blood tests, other tests, and some sleep medicine later....i was told that i had pneumonia. i had an extremely bad case of pneumonia in my right lung and a UTI that i also had no clue about. it definitely wasn't something that would've gone away on its own. and two weeks later, it flared up again and i was back in the doctor's office at 7:45 with my amazing boyfriend in tow.

i can't even explain how terrifying it was to wake up like i did that night. even now, over a month later, sometimes i leave the light on so when i wake up i'll know immediately if something is wrong with my vision.

i learned my lesson though: i am definitely going to the doctor's office the first time i run a fever and have anything worse than a stuffy nose. it's totally not worth the waiting. and the ER bill.

happy saturday, everyone! :)

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  1. Oh my goodness, that is scary! I'm so glad you did end up going to the doctor! My health scare was really similar - I kept putting it off and putting it off, and then when I finally did go, they told me the blood clots they found could have killed me. Definitely a wake up call to go to the doctor is something feels out of the ordinary.



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