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Wednesday, September 4

BLOGTEMBER: a september blog challenge.

so i'm not normally one to do a link up everyday because i get distracted very easily [i.e. - Project 365].
but i happened upon this a few minutes ago and i think that it's a wonderful idea. 
my posts are never really super in depth about my life or anything, and this can be a way to let followers know me a little better. i'll still be doing my regular posts, but hopefully this will get me back in the pattern of posting on a set basis.

so, here we go!



you'll have to excuse the dates on these photos because they were taken with my grandparents camera, but i think that that's a good place to start. i grew up in a very stereotypical southern home. my parents were loving and my grandparents were sweet. i knew when i went to school in the mornings that i would pick peas in the afternoon and that my grandmother would make sweet tea and have cornbread ready. i knew that on saturday mornings at my grandfather's house, i would wake up and watch The Price Is Right with my grandparents and then fall asleep on the couch while they watched the soap operas that came on afterwards. my grandfather knew that i would open a Dr. Pepper and only drink three sips before i put it down, but he let me waste the drinks anyway. my cousins were more like sisters than best friends, and to this day we still play Monopoly 2000 every time they come to Mississippi. i have a pretty large family, but they are the best at staying in touch. we've had family reunions since i was a baby, where the adults would sit and gossip about some other part of the family while the younger ones played basketball or pool and tried to stay out of sight so they wouldn't have to sing the dreaded "family song."

and though i absolutely want to move off, preferably to Edinburgh or NYC, for graduate school, i will never forget that the south is my home. i will never stop saying "y'all" and i will never get used to not having sweet tea in restaurants. i will call the shopping cart a buggy and i'll do my best to use some of the recipes that i've learned from my parents and grandparents over the years. i will absolutely still always have a ton of country music on my ipod. if i didn't, i feel like my best friend would disown me. and i'll get my parents to ship me the scupanines and blueberries that grow every year until they don't anymore.

i may want to travel the world and see all that i can, but i will always be thankful for the ones who raised me and the loving atmosphere i experienced. i have two sisters and a brother that have all been there for me in some way or another throughout my life, and i wouldn't trade them for anything. my parents have loved me even through my God-awful teenage years when i insisted on painting my room bright purple, staying out past my curfew, and just generally worrying them with every chance i got.

i don't always remember to call my parents everyday, and i don't always check in with my grandparents or siblings to see how they're doing on a regular basis, but i would be at any one of their sides if they called and said they needed me.

i am definitely who i am today because of how i was raised.
and i'm so thankful for the family that showed me more love than i could've ever imagined.

happy tuesday, again!
[well, kind of.]

let me know if you decide to join the challenge as well!

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