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Saturday, August 24

Rainy days are my favorite.

Even though storms make my days happier and I love when it thunders outside, going out into the rain and wind isn't near as fun as watching it from inside. 

The ran here has been extremely spotty lately. It'll be completely sunny outside one moment, and the next it's still sunny but also pouring. Normally, Mississippi weather is hot and humid, but it's almost never this weird. But since I've had to deal with the rain these past few days, I figured I would share my favorite way to stay dry.

Hunter boots! My roommate/best friend has had hers since I met her back during my freshman year and I finally broke down and bought some last year. I put it off for so long because they're relatively expensive for a broke college student, but they were definitely worth it.

Though the picture is slightly blurry, you can see what they look like. I love those boots. Once rainy season starts here, I wear them pretty much everyday. Literally.

At the moment, these are my favorites.

If you can't tell by the top ones, I miss Britain.

In any case, the boots are definitely worth the buy. The quality of them is amazing and my feet don't even feel slightly damp after stomping around in the rain all day.

Hope you're all having a lovely, rain free day!

happy saturday!


  1. Ahh I like rainy days too! Except when I have to leave my house...

    <3, Charlotte

  2. I love rain, too!
    Especially to hear and watch it from the inside ;)
    But never had such boots, you make me want them^^


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