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Monday, August 12

i've got this friend.

first, the title of this post is relevant in two ways.

1) The Civil Wars' new cd is out and i bought it today on itunes. and i was definitely not disappointed. i adore TCW and i'm pretty sure i already know what my favorite song on this cd is.

it's just SO beautiful, isn't it?

2) i have this friend that i absolutely love to death. she's a sweet girl, one of the most determined people i know, and she's super talented. but this girl gets down on herself a lot, both because of outside causes and her own thoughts and emotions. and i was thinking about her tonight and what i could tell her to help her, then realized that i'd rather help everyone i can instead of just sending these to her.

so in case any of you are having a bad day today or just feel kinda down, scroll through these. hopefully they'll make you smile at least one time.

hope you're all having a lovely night.
happy monday


  1. I adore The Civil Wars. Their music got me through some of the toughest times of my life. Such an inspiring and creative duo. I hope they get back together soon. :\


  2. I've never heard of The Civil Wars... trying to find them on Youtube, but not to watch for me in Germany :/ Need to find another way....I love to discover new music


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