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Wednesday, August 14

how're you spending your last few days?

With classes just around the corner (my university starts next week), I know that I'm scrambling to get all of my summer television watching, late sleeping, and reading done in this last week.

For me, that means this.

I watch, laugh at, and cry with supernatural til dawn shines through my apartment windows - 

I read the Morganville vampire series (even though it's kinda's still one of my favorite series. God, I love Myrnin) like there's no tomorrow - 

I snapchat enough that my phone is on 40% after two hours of being awake -

And I sleep as much as possible -

And speaking of Zooey roommate/best friend showed me New Girl last night. And I stayed up for three more hours watching episodes before I finally made myself go to bed. 

How're you spending your last few, precious days?

happy wednesday!


  1. New Girl is amazing. I love that show.

  2. I'm having a New Girl marathon right now! Jessica Day is pretty much me. I love it!

    And I'm trying to read as many books as possible in the week and a half I have until school starts!


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