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Friday, August 23

High five for Friday!

Friday is quite possibly my favorite day of the week. I have no classes and get to sleep as late as I want to. And today has been no exception. 

1 // I dyed my hair red! Well, more like pink. College is the time for experimenting, right? Besides, my hair hasn't been a bright color in quite awhile.
2 // My sweet boyfriend bought me something from one of my favorite boutiques today.
3 // This is the first time that I've worn this t-shirt since I've been back in America. I miss Edinburgh so much.
4 // I really need to start homework...which is underneath the shopaholic's book.
5 // This movie isn't as awful as I thought it might be! It's extremely creative and is a good thriller. Not so much scary though.

Hope you've all had a great Friday!


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