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Thursday, August 29

dreams of travel.

i absolutely love to travel.
whether it be a four hour drive to NOLA or a seven hour flight to Edinburgh, i'm always up for new places, things, and people. but on that note, i have the hardest time finding luggage that i like. i have some now that's perfectly fine and big enough to carry a month's worth of my stuff (and that's a lot, let me tell you) overseas, but i'm always wanting to buy something else.

until today.

i found the most beautiful set of luggage i've ever laid my eyes upon.

i've been working on trying to find reasons to buy this for myself and justifying the money i would spend. there's about a 10% chance that i could go back to Scotland next year, so i need new luggage, right? plus, my dream is to be an editor, so it's appropriate. right?

in any case, Steamline Luggage is worth going to check out. all luggage is expensive, and it's not way out of a normal price range. plus it's cute. why not spend an extra $50 when you could use this luggage for the next ten years?

where would you take this luggage?

hope you're having a great day!
happy thursday

P.S. - i've decided to do a giveaway once i get to 150+ fans on my FB page. there's a handy-dandy link at the top of this page, but here's another one just in case. because who doesn't want to win something free?

1 comment:

  1. i wish i could just pick up and go, would love to go traveling around the world.. it is on my bucket list though, i have a few places i want to see before i leave this world and i am on that luggage site now checking out all the goodies :) thanks for share


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