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Wednesday, August 7

creativity tips.

so as most of you know, i moved into my apartment about a month ago.
ever since then, i've been doing my best to decorate my room and bathroom the way i want it, but i've just been so busy that i have to do a little at a time. so now that i have some time, i figured i would ask my readers their own tips!

i need to find a way to get more light into the room and i need to make more space for books as well. the walls are painted a dark khaki and it makes it feel SO dark. especially at night. and well...i have a lot of books! one day when i have my own house i can build a library, but for now, i have to make do somehow.

give me your best ideas! and to help, here's some photos of the room as it is now.

have at it!

happy wednesday!


  1. I suck at putting together rooms, as well but I am SO JEALOUS of your walk in closet!!! It's so nice. And I'm also super jealous of your book collection. I love reading but hate spending's a rough life. Haha.

  2. I'm thinking you paint the walls a MUCH lighter green, and spray paint your little brown cabinet thingy white. I would have suggested white to brighten the room, but most of your furniture is white already (that'd be too boring).
    The stuff you have is great already so if you were to have white bed sheets & curtains, light green walls, (or maybe still paint them white and use decals or have a focal wall which you paint a different color)
    You should keep it simple and buy a few little accessories in keeping with the color theme (light green,blue and white) - to jazz it up a bit you could have lampshades/appliances that are mostly white with gold/silver detailing, to keep it classy. I suggested this because I like that color scheme,

    but also as you have quite a bit of red-ish brown furniture you could use the color scheme red,white & black, if that's what you like - white to open up the room and black and red accessories and detailing to keep it simple, classy and refreshing, with a pop of bright colors! Let me know what you do with it!
    Sorry for the super long comment (:

  3. Your room is really cute! I love your bed spread! And sooo jealous of that walk in closet!

    If you don't want to paint the walls, you could try painting some of your furniture white (that isn't already white). Also I think white curtains would look pretty.

    What kind of overhead light do you have now? You could change it out to something that gives you more light. Adding an extra lamp to your desk area will make the room brighter too. :)

  4. I love your room! :) the dandelion print and "read" so cute!
    I would build some cheap shelves over the desk
    I did some similar here (
    That would help with books, and random odds and ends.

    I would go to a big outlet store with cheap baskets for the top shelf stuff.
    Then look at tjmaxx or marshalls for some matching thin hangers (it's a life-saver i promise!)
    Shoes, you could buy those caddies that hang from the rod...or buy stackers?

    And a cute little gallery wall over your dresser + a small mirror BAM!

  5. wow your wardrobe is just so spacious! You could put there much more things in, even maybe a little shelf for the shoes...and I don't know if you have space underneath your bed, too? And I think you can put nice shelves on the walls as well, for the books :)


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