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Wednesday, July 31

my favorite movies of all time.

since i just moved into an apartment where we have no cable (but unlimited internet!) and i've had pneumonia for awhile now, i have watched tons of DVDs. and i mean tons. i love movies, but i've watched more in the past three weeks than i have in the past six months.

so i figured, why not list my top 20?

keep in mind, i haven't seen every movie in the world, and there's some movies i still want to see, but i promise- i love all of these.

so here we go.


Letters to Juliet - Romantic Drama

normally i'm not a huge fan of chick flicks (so you won't see many on here), but i ADORE Amanda Seyfried. i think she's beautiful, as is this story.

basically, a couple goes on a pre-honeymoon before they're actually married and the man is working on business deals while there. while he's busy, the woman finds this little hidden alcove where women write letters to Juliet everyday and stick them in a brick wall waiting to be found. she follows the woman who gathers all of the letters and finds a group of women writing back - as Juliet. i won't say much more because i don't want to ruin it, but it really is a good movie. even if you aren't one for chick flicks. it made me "aww" more than once.


Juno - Comedy/Drama

geeky adorable Michael Cera and beautiful, yet plain, Ellen Page. the casting for this movie is incredible.

i feel like everyone has seen Juno by now, but if you haven't, hop to it! the movie is about a teenage couple who happens to wind up with a pregnancy situation. the girl and her best friend finds adoptive parents for the child, but of course, all goes awry halfway through the movie. overall, however, it's a feel good movie and it'll definitely give you a few laughs.


The Woman in Black - Horror

I love horror movies, so this is probably the first of many, but hey. They're awesome.

Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter, just in case you're a heathen and don't know who he is) is the star of this movie, playing a lawyer who must go to a deceased woman's house to find her last will so he can keep his job. thus, he leaves his little boy to go on the hunt for this will. with the townspeople being creepy and no one wanting to help him, it's harder than he expects. and once he's there, he comes face to face with the woman in black, and why the townspeople are so terrified.


Taken - Action/Drama

Liam Neeson is just amazing. He's Aslan, for God's sake.

Anyway. Taken is the story of an ex special military guy who's daughter goes overseas and gets taken from her hotel room by people who want to sell her into the sex trade. He finds out and sets out to get her back. It's a really good movie. And again, it's Liam Neeson.


The Silence of the Lambs - Horror/Crime

Along the same lines as the last movie, you should watch it just based on who's in it. This movie boasts Anthony Hopkins.

Hopkins plays Hannibal Lecter in a jail cell, and the movie is about a young FBI trainee who uses Lecter to help him capture another serial killer known as "Buffalo Bill." It's incredible creepy and I love it.


Seven Pounds / Drama

Will Smith is absolutely amazing in this movie. I've seen him in a lot of movies, and this one is my favorite. He's a man who seeks to improve seven people's lives, and I can't say much else or I would ruin it. But it is a tear jerker, so have the tissue handy.


Memento - Action/Thriller

It's the story of a man who's trying to find his wife's killer but can't remember past a day. He was hurt in whatever happened that killed his wife, and he tattoos himself along with taking photos and writing sticky notes to help himself everyday. It's a memory inside of a memory and it's a very complicated movie. You'll need to watch it twice, but it's worth it. It's crazy in all the best ways.


Inception - Action/Drama

This movie boasts a lot of big names and is excellent in doing so. Another memory inside of a memory kind of movie, but this time you watch them do it. It's mind blowing, and I may or may not have watched it 8 times while it was in theatres (don't judge! i work there so i get free movies. :) ) make sure you aren't sleepy when you start this movie, because it's definitely long and very intricate.


Crazy Stupid Love - Romantic Comedy

Ryan Gosling is hot. Emma Stone is precious and adorable and funny. Steve Carell is absolutely hilarious. And his kid in the movie makes me think that thirteen year olds can actually be epically awesome. I'm not a huge romcom fan, but I love this movie.


Insidious - Horror

Okay, so I LOVE horror movies. Good ones, bad ones, ghosts, vampires, slasher, anything. If it's supposed to make me jump or creep me out....I'm there. But I'm hard to impress since I've seen so many. In fact, there's only going to be two scary movies on this list. And Insidious is absolutely worth of this spot. It's extremely creepy and whoever did the score for it knew what they were doing it. Also, they're making a second one. So get to it so you can watch the second in theatres!


Lord of the Rings (all of them) - Fantasy/Action/Thriller

I realize that I'm kind of cheating by putting a whole series under one name, but they're just that good. You should also read the books while you're at it. And the hobbit. Everyone should know what these are by now, so I'm not going to explain them well. Basically, there's a magic ring that people go crazy over and it's the story of everything that happens around it.


The Prestige - Magic/Thriller/Drama

Christian Bale is a magician competing against Hugh Jackman. Scarlett Johansson works for one (or both?) of them. Michael Caine manages. David Bowie makes magical machines. It's a beautiful movie full of deceit, love, magic, and competition. It'll make you think and tell you you're wrong. It's amazing.


Mean Girls - Comedy/Drama

Back before LiLo went crazy, she was a really good actress. Mean Girls is really a classic of my generation, and I'm not lying when I say that I've watched it five times in the past month. It's awesome to watch, to quote while cleaning, to talk about...just everything. If you're a 90s kid and haven't seen this, you really missed out.


The Help - Drama

Based off of the book (which is even better), this movie does it's best to capture what Jackson, MS was like when maids/servants still existed in this context. Emma Stone plays the main character who wants to move to NYC to work for a newspaper or magazine. She comes up with the idea to interview the black maids of the town and let them REALLY tell what Jackson is like. It's full of sadness and drama, but it's ultimately a happy ending. And it makes you think. It's wonderful. Viola Davis is also in it, and she's incredible.


The Social Network - Drama

It's the story of facebook. And Jesse Eisenberg is flawless in his interpretation of Mark Zuckerberg. He'll make you hate and pity Mark, while Justin Timberlake makes you want to punch the founder of Rhapsody one good time. Andrew Garfield (the new spiderman) plays his best friend and also makes the movie so much better. It makes FB much more interesting.


Shutter Island - Psychological/Thriller

If I wasn't an English major, I'd be a psych major wanting to go to med school and be a psychiatrist. I've always wanted to work in asylums with the patients who seem to far gone to be helped. And this movie solidified that want. It is SO good. My gosh. It's about a man (Leo) who tries to find out what happened to a patient on the island who went missing. But not all is as it seems.


Eat Pray Love - Drama/Comedy

Julia Roberts made me think my whole life. And then so did Elizabeth Gilbert when I read the book. It's the story of a woman who divorced and was so down on herself and the world that she took a year to try to find meaning for her life again. Better yet? It's true. All of it. And it's a beautiful story.


The Conjuring - Horror

This movie is still in theatres so GO SEE IT. I've watched it three times so far and it is so good that it makes me bounce when I'm telling people about it. It made me jump three times (which is a record) and had me so creeped out that I left the lamp on when I went to bed. And I'm hard to scare. I think it's mainly because it's a real story about real people. What's even more insane is that not everything from the true story was put in the movie. Just look it up. Ed and Lorraine Warren were THE ghost hunters in their day and Lorraine, along with the family, has done interviews about it. It's the story of a family plagued by a ghost who will absolutely not give up her land.


Perks of Being a Wallflower - Drama

This, along with many others on this list, is based off of a book. The book isn't very long and is made up of journal entries from Charlie. It's about his life during his freshman year of high school. It's about love, loss, much. It gives me chills just thinking about it and how true and painful some of it is. I love it. I love Emma Watson and Logan and Ezra. They're all cast perfectly.


Harry Potter - Fantasy/Thriller

I mean, did you really expect anything else?

happy wednesday, all.


  1. I love almost all of these! Haha. Harry Potter is always #1, I must say. :) I haven't seen the Prestige yet though, but it looks really good!

  2. I love that Harry Potter made #1, love the whole list actually... although I haven't seen the movie The Help. I'm curious about it, might read the book first :)

  3. I love that Harry Potter made #1. I still haven't seen the movie The Help yet, but I love the book.

  4. I just found your blog and really like it!!
    I live in London, so if you come back, we can meet, hehe!
    And the Harry Potter studios are awesome!! Aren't they?? We were just pretty late there and we couldn't let us that much time before they wanted to close :( So probably going there again another time! And then I am going to buy sth as well!^^
    Maybe not a wand, though^^

  5. Great list! I love Crazy Stupid Love... And Mean Girls and The Help.

    And, of course, Harry Potter - all of them.


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