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Tuesday, July 23

a journal entry.

[this post is going to be more of a journal post. a reflection and a spilling of emotions. be fully prepared before reading.]

I absolutely apologize for my disappearance. I know I've basically been gone for about two months now, and both posts that I made saying that I was going to start back blogging soon were very true when I wrote them. But as the days passed, I started feeling like I should just let it go. It'd been a long time since I posted, commented on anyone else's, or even just read my favorite blogs. I had decided that I was done with blogging for now. I didn't have time for it, I couldn't think of what to post, or even if anyone would want to read it. I figured that most of my followers had dropped off or didn't care anymore, and had just generally gotten a negative outlook towards my blogosphere.

But in these two months, I've gone to three countries, worked two jobs, dealt with so much stress that it literally put me into the hospital in the middle of the night (thanks for taking care of me mom and dad), had to cancel my internship because I got pneumonia (along with a couple of other infections), I've moved into an apartment, and I've had some life decisions to make.

And aside from all those crazy things, I made the best decision I've made in a long time.
I said yes when my favorite person on earth asked me to be his girlfriend.
He has absolutely been my rock over the last month that we've been together. He's let me cry on his shoulder, brought me to the doctor at 7:00 in the morning because I was shaking too much to drive, endured my dad's endless questions, and just generally shown me so much affection that I can't imagine how I could've gotten through this last month without him. 

But with all of this happening, even with my new man, I've still had this gnawing part of my brain wanting me to blog again. I love it. I love meeting new people through words, I love typing out my own, and I love having a hobby that is all my own.

Thus, I sit here with my large fry from McDonalds, country music playing in the back ground, and typing away on my keyboard in my new apartment.

I don't promise to post every day.
But I'm getting back into blogging because it fills a part of my life that nothing else really can.

[journal post done]

hope you guys had an amazing monday.

1 comment:

  1. OK I've had your blog pulled up on my computer forEVER trying to find just a few seconds to look at it. Allison! I've missed you! I'm so glad you have been experiencing some super exciting stuff lately! I'm excited to hear all about your new relationship. On the other hand, I'm sorry you have been experiencing hard things too. If you ever need anything, please let me know. I like to think I'm a good listener :)

    Love you!


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