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Tuesday, May 7

stress brings about...poetry?

Everything was beautiful
When I was ten years old
And dipped my crackers
In water
Before I ate them.

Everything was marvelous
When I was twelve years old
And went to our nation’s capital
For the first time.

Everything was stupendous
When I was fifteen years old
And kissed my first boyfriend
On the lips.
Even though it was awkward.

But then everything stopped being wonderful.

Everything was awful
When I broke up with that
Same boy
Who kissed me everyday.

Everything was terrible
When I ran off the road
For the first time
And into a ditch.

Everything was appalling
When I found out
That the best friend I loved
More than anything
Loved someone else more.

But eventually,
I found beauty again.

There is beauty
In the days
That I sleep til two
In the afternoon
Without moving an inch.

There is beauty
In the horrific mess
Of my dorm room,
Because it means that
My roommate and I are
Actually there to do it.

There is beauty
In the thirty minute drive
To the next town over
Because I desperately want

There is beauty
In the nagging words
Of my parents,
Because I know that
It means they love me.

And there is beauty
In my failures
Because at least
I know I’m trying my best.

I'll be back soon, everyone. I promise.
Just wanted to let you know how I've felt over the past two weeks.
happy tuesday, all.

P.S. - thank you SO much to those who have commented or emailed me. whether it was about a post or something else, it makes my stressful days so much better to know that people care.


  1. This is such a beautiful poem! I'm glad things are looking up for you. :) It's definitely about finding the beauty in simplicity!

  2. such a lovely poem!! :)

  3. I love you and your blog. So much! I've recently been walking through a hard time in my life as well, and I wrote some poetry (I never write poetry), though it's not published to my blog. And your writing is beautiful! I'm so happy to come across a new Jesus-lovin, tattoo-lovin blogger. I'm so happy I found you. :)


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