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Wednesday, May 8

On the road again.

Or, well.
I wish I was.

But I will be soon!
Out of curiosity, I checked the weather this week in Edinburgh.

much chillier than here.
but i'm ready for it.
i'm already making a packing list, even though i still haven't finished packing my dorm room and have two finals left this week.

any advice on what to pack when going overseas?
because i am ABSOLUTELY sure i'll forget something.

i'm planning on buying my toiletries over there, however, because our professors are only letting us take one bag each.

i'm just so excited.
in case you can't tell.

happy wednesday, everyone.


  1. So excited for you! Good luck on your finals pretty lady.

  2. hey glad to see you're back! :) I have never been overseas, so I have no idea about that. haha but that's really cool that your trip is happening so soon.

  3. Ahh! I want to go to Scotland so bad!

  4. I'm loving following your adventures in pictures on Instagram, I can't wait to see the words that go with them when you get back!


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