allisonleighann♥: what to do during these last few weeks of finals.
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Wednesday, April 17

what to do during these last few weeks of finals.

So I'm doing a guest post over at Toby's Tails tonight, and this is what I decided to do it on-
what to do while stressed out.
what would you add to the list?

// watch step up 3. while, yes, it is awful acting, the dancing makes me want to relive my childhood and make my mom put me in dance classes. i mean, really. i want to dance like that. in the rain. and have some extremely talented yet downtrodden attractive young man fall in love with me. that's realistic, right? plus, it's what distracting me at the moment, so i know it's good for distraction.

// take naps. because naps are always a good option. especially if it's raining outside, your paper is due in two days and you haven't started on it, and you have nothing to do for the next three hours.

// exercise! okay, so this one is actually serious. i'm not an athlete, and i'm not really even in shape, but when i'm stressed out and exhausted, i take a walk around campus or walk down to our park and back. walking even just a short distance can help me feel so much better.

// get a friend to pop your back. no lie. my roommate will step on mine every now and then, and you'll feel SO much less tense when you're done.

// read a NEW book. i read a lot, but when i'm busy, i don't take the time to get into a new book because i absolutely know that i'll get too intoxicated by it and won't do my work. but sometimes, when stress is breathing down your neck, you need to get away for awhile. and if you're a reader, a new book is always a good option. and i shamelessly recommend Looking for Alaska, Perks of Being a Wallflower, or A Great and Terrible Beauty.

// get as much sunlight as you can. i love storms just as much as the next person. i love the rain, lightning, and definitely the thunder, but if i'm in a bad mood or down about anything, i need the sun. if you've gotta study for a test or have a paper to write, why not sit outside where it's sunny and, hopefully, warm?

// embrace your sweatpants and yoga pants for the last three weeks of school. this one is pretty self explanatory.

overall, just take a deep breath and be thankful for all that you've been given. there's always someone who's worse off than you are. even if it's as small as someone who has three finals on a day that you have two. smile, give that poor person a hug, and know that you're going to get through it.

also. watch this. it'll make you smile.

have a good weekend, everyone.


  1. ahhhh good luck with finals!! i remember that always, without fail, being a hellish week. i always made my brothers walk on my back too, and dance movies are my guilty pleasure too! the acting is always hideous, but the dance scenes really are cray-zay

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. LOVE step up! So good! Good luck with your finals lady!! xoxoxo

  3. I whole heartedly agree with all of the above.


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