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Monday, April 1

Guest Post! Because Who Doesn't Love Books?

Hi All!

I am so excited to be guest posting here at Allison Leighann, today! My name is LB and I blog over at LB in Wonderland. You can catch me blogging there about my own little wonderland and my adventures with life, love & learning.
I love to laugh, am addicted to sweets and always have a book with me. Hence, why I was so excited to switch blogs for the day with Allison-we both love-love-love to read!

Today, I thought I’d share a quick review about a book I just finished. It’s called Delirium by Lauren Oliver. Do you have a thing for The Hunger Games or other post-apocalyptic books that are oh so popular right now? Then you’ll probably love this book!

It follows the story of Lena who lives in Portland in a post-apocalyptic society. The society has developed
“a cure” for love. They view love as a disease that ruins a person and ultimately drives them insane. Every person, when they reach the age of 18, are given the “treatment” which cures them from love.

There is a whole other faction lives on the outskirts of society in the wilderness called the "Invalids." Here comes the twist. Lena, who has lived her whole life not wanting to develop the disease of love enters into a budding relationship with an Invalid boy named Alex.

This complicates everything that Lena has come to believe about love. The book follows her journey from believing love is a disease to the realization that it might just be the most important thing there is.

This little blurb really doesn't do the book justice as there is so much jam packed into this first book of three. It was a fast and really interesting read. Oliver uses great descriptions to make Lena’s world come to life. Reading about why people fear love and view it as a disease was also an incredibly interesting concept.
So, if you love love & and enjoy a good read-pick this one up.

Hope you enjoy! I'd love if you checked out LB in Wonderland and follow my adventures! :)

Thanks to my fellow book friend, Allison!



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  1. Love this & your post & books! :) Thanks so much love!

  2. always loving to find new books!

  3. I've been meaning to read Delirium for a while. I will have to check my library over the summer. :)


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