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Sunday, April 14

day 133 - 142

i can't believe that i actually let ten days go by without posting anything on here. i've thought about the blog pretty much every day, and i missed out on two or three things that i really wanted to participate in, but i have just been so insanely busy with papers and family business this week that i haven't even had time to clean my room til yesterday, and the only internet page i got on was my email and blackboard so i could check my classes. if anyone has emailed me or commented on a past post and i haven't replied yet, i'll be getting to it tonight! and i thank all of you lovely people for not giving up on me in these ten days. (: i especially want to thank those of you, *ahem* LB, who checked up on me and encouraged me through twitter as well. you guys have no idea what just one kind word or tweet can do. it's been encouragement from family, friends, and you guys that have helped me get through this week.

all i can say is, i am SO ready to be done. and i definitely won't get this far behind in posts again.
i actually already have a book review planned for tomorrow. (: and i got another Birch Box in the mail! so that review will be coming up soon as well. i've got a few more things as planned, and i'm so ready to get back into the blogging world. i've missed it terribly.

and i'm going to read my favorite blogs now! instead of doing a paper due tomorrow, of course. 

this is my week-
in a short recap.

clementine Izze's are my favorite. props to Kroger for being the only store here who carries them!

the guys managed to get THREE bags of donuts from the Krispy Kreme workers as they were throwing them out.
Unhealthy eating is out the window for the rest of the semester.
fun times with huge glasses. and masks.
i adore this song. you go, Fun.

someone left a whole box of Spongebob Fun Dip in my Shakespeare class.
so the professor told us we could have it all. win.

my sister had a birthday this week!

and i finally got to go home for a day.

happy sunday, everyone.

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