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Thursday, March 7

textbook rentals. two posts in a day.

two posts in a day, you say? how odd.
i saw that Amanda was talking about this today too, but i just have to share as well.

i'm not sure how many college students follow me, but i know that there are quite a few.
and, like me, i'm sure that EVERYONE hates buying/renting textbooks. i'm pretty sure that my textbooks last year cost more than it did for me to get my wisdom teeth taken out. ridiculous, right? we're college kids. we're broke. we do not need to add hundreds and hundreds of fees on top of everything else we don't have money for so we can have our books for class.

you should check out

 what're the perks of working with them?

// save 40 - 90 % off of bookstore prices
// free shipping BOTH ways
// can highlight in the textbooks
// flexible renting periods
// and they donate to Operation Smile with every textbook rented

if you don't know what Operation Smile is - it's a charity organization that helps to treat facial deformities such as cleft lips and cleft palates.

they also have a new program,, that allows students such as yourself to rent the books that YOU own to other students. that way, you can make 2 - 4 times the money that you would normally make with a buyback program. which is pretty legit, because my bookstore has never given me more that $20 back for a book when i return it.

here's more information about the RentBack if you think you'd be interested:

i was already slightly planning on looking into it when i first heard of it, but i'm now completely sold. especially on RentBack. because that's just ridiculously awesome.

continue having a wonderful thursday, all.


  1. girl! Email Angela at and tell her you posted this!

  2. I love campus book rentals! I've rented from them a few times. One time they messed up my order, but they were so nice and accommodating until everything got worked out. :)

  3. Time to shine! Share your favorite post of the week at Friday Flash Blog Hop! (www.fridayflashblog.blogspot)

  4. Time to shine! Share your favorite post of the week at Friday Flash Blog Hop! (www.fridayflashblog.blogspot)


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