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Friday, March 29


i hope you're all having a lovely friday!
i'm on Easter break, finally, so i'm doing pretty great. i'm totally good with going to work when i don't have to worry about going to class before or after as well. [side note: i got up and got ready for work this morning before realizing that i actually got today off! which never ever happens.]

so in a post a few days ago, i showed you all that i got my first Birchbox.

the first review i'm doing from it is for the Whish Shaving Cream-

pros - it smells like heaven. like a blueberry filled heaven. i could eat this by accident if someone put it in front of me in a bowl, no lie. it also doesn't foam up like normal shaving cream does, so it goes on smoother and is a bit less messy.

cons - it clogged up my razor a good bit. i had to run it through the water a lot more than i normally do. if you've ever used conditioner for shaving cream, that's what it reminded me of. aside from that, i had to go over my legs twice because the thickness of it didn't let me get all the hair the first time.

overall: i wouldn't buy this on a regular basis. i'll continue to use this until it's gone, but then i'm back to my cheap shaving cream that foams up enough to where i could probably give myself a Santa beard. (:

happy friday, all!
mine certainly is. i'm watching the whole second season of The Big Bang Theory.



  1. I was getting excited until I read your cons. THat doesn't sound like fun. haha. I'm looking for a fabulous shaving cream. If you find one, holler at me girl!

  2. i found myself always preferring the cheap products for the body care, they just kind of do what they have to do!

  3. This looks great! I wanna know more about Birch Box! I am starting back on my blog finally! Have a good Easter!

  4. agreed. it smells good, but that's about it. And, it was rather sticky. Ewww... Not my favorite.

  5. I have given myself a Santa beard with shaving cream... Recently. :) Thanks for the heads up on Whish.

    Oh, and - bazinga! (How can anyone not love Sheldon?!)


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