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Saturday, March 2

internship. day 98 - 99.

yesterday, i got the incredibly lucky opportunity to interview for an internship position with a small press in Mississippi. i'm only a sophomore, and internships are normally only available at junior/senior level, so i was so fantastically excited about it.

the position is for an editorial assistant, and it lasts for a month. it's unpaid, but i would get college credit for it- which is one less class i have to take later. plus. my dream is life is to be a manuscript editor for a publishing company, so this position is a perfect way to get some experience.

needless to say,
i was EXTREMELY nervous.
felt like i was going to throw up, nervous.

thankfully, i had a friend of mine go with me. his name is Stephen, and he was a definite Godsend yesterday. if i hadn't had him with me, the three hour drive would've been ample time for me to psych myself out even more.

the building below is the place that i had to go for my interview. it became so much more real when i saw the building in front of me. this was important. and even though i was so nervous, i was excited as well.

the end of the story-

i was in there for maybe twenty minutes for my interview, so i assume that they'd already chosen who they wanted and were just meeting the applicants to see their personalities and to make sure they weren't, you know, crazy. or something.

and I GOT IT!
you're now reading the blog of a soon-to-be editorial assistant intern.
i start in july, about a week after i get back from Scotland.

after my interview, stephen and i rushed back to campus to be at Songfest. it's a night where all of the social clubs compete to win a dance competition, and my roommate's club won second place! i was so proud.

while Leana went to go eat with her social club after, stephen and i went to eat as well.
after that, we got cheesecake and jones soda elsewhere and went back to the dorm to watch a movie.
it was a good end to a great day.

how's your weekend been so far?
happy saturday

P.S. - the winner of the giveaway is AMANDA SCHROEDER!
if you would email me your address, i'll get right on sending you your prize! (:


  1. Congrats! Getting the internship must feel amazing!

  2. Nice!!! Congratulations, that is SO awesome!

  3. I knew you could do it! Congrats. An editorial assistant? That sounds like something I want to do! Ahh. Dreams. How exciting.

  4. PS - I'm totally excited about the book.

  5. I just came across your blog - love the quote in your header! Also, major congratulations :) So excited for you! xoxo, Eliza


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