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Friday, March 8

Find + Follow Friday!

i have never done a link up before, so this is completely new for me.
but i decided to add myself to this one to get accustomed to the "link up" world. (:

if you'd like to link up as well, here's the link!

aside from that,
i'm not sure how many people are actually on spring break right now, but even if you're not, at least it's the weekend. my spring break will be filled with ungodly amounts of sleep, NCIS, The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, long bubble baths, my lovely parents, journal writing, blog reading, Waffle House, good coffee, new downloaded music, work, and an all around apathy towards any type of school work that may happen to come up. 

and i am SO excited about it.
happy friday, loves.

P.S. - oh. i'm putting off the purse for a few days. instead, i went ahead and bought these. i'll definitely need them in Scotland. plus, it's starting to rain regularly here, and i have no rain boots since mine tore last semester.


aren't they beautiful?


  1. found you via this link up! love your bangs and color of hair btw. =D have a great day!


  2. Such cute boots! The classic yellow rain boots are my fave.
    I've never participated in a link up either. I may do this one. :)

  3. They are totally beautiful :)) Thanks for stopping by my page!

  4. Ugh! I'm so jealous right now! I have been eyeing some Hunter boots for a while now and just can't talk myself into getting them!

    Thanks for stopping by from the link up! Stopping by to follow your adorbs blog as well!


  5. Happy spring break darling! definetely in need of those boots here in the Netherlands! xoxo


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