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Monday, March 18

days 114 - 115.

tank top // forever21
sweater // forever21
boots // hunter

also- i took a break to sit...and took a picture while doing so.

isn't that lovely.
haha. (:

i hope you're all having a wonderful monday, even though it's the end of spring break. at least for me.

guess who didn't do any spring break homework til last night?
[this girl.]
guess who was up til four this morning finishing everything?
[also this girl.]
guess who got four hours of sleep?
[sadly, this girl.]

crossing my fingers that i make it through the day.
may all your days be bright, and may you have enough red bull and hot tea to keep you awake.

happy monday, lovelies.


  1. Those boots are adorable!!!


  2. Cute boots! Hope you weren't too tired today!

  3. Love those bright yellow boots :) so chic! Wish I could afford a pair lol

    XO Jenna


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