allisonleighann♥: day 128. Happy Easter, everyone.
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Sunday, March 31

day 128. Happy Easter, everyone.

i really hope that everyone has had a wonderful Easter today. aside from work and its horrors early this morning, my day has been spent with family, whom i absolutely adore.

i love my nephews so much, and almost never get to see them because none of my siblings live in my city, but today i got to help one little one hunt for Easter eggs. (: he was happy, if you can't tell.

along with that, even though i missed church, i still got to hear about Christ from my own family. i love that i still got to hear of Christ and his never-ending love for us from the people around me because they believe the same as i do. it made my day happier. 

today, i'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves.

a sister of mine! (: excuse my crazy looking hair and eyes. no one told me there would be pictures.

after all of that excitement, i finally went home to shower and get ready to see a friend tonight when, lo and behold, our power went out! so what did i do instead?

took a nap.
of course.
what else did you expect?

and, finally.
i decided to try to ombre my own hair today!
i do all of my other dying/bleaching, so i figured, why not?
though it was absolutely terrifying to do, i jumped right in.
and i actually did both boxes at the same time. 
the very top, short layers of my hair were dyed darkest brown, and i bleached the ends all in the same time span.

  thankfully, i don't think it looks too bad. (: especially not for a first try!

excuse the silly pictures. i finally got my real camera back out.

last, but certainly not least, here's that red table that i told you guys about! $20 at a yard sale. that mirror behind it was only $10. i was going to show it as well, but it's pretty heavy and i'm writing this post awfully late. if i dropped it and woke up my parents they would definitely not be happy. thus- the mirror will have to wait. but don't you love the color of that table? i do.

hope you've all had a great, fantabulous Easter.
happy sunday.


  1. Everything about this post is making me smile!!! The photos of you and your family are so happy! Your hair looks AWESOME and I'm drooling over that red table! Hoping you had a most happy Easter (I think you did). :)

    PS- the blog looks great!

  2. Happy Easter Allison - I love the new hair!!

    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award - details are on my blog :) x

  3. Sounds like a fun Easter! I love the new ombre hair too! :)

  4. Your hair looks SOOOO GOOD!! Looks like you had such a fun Easter. Love how happy you look!


  5. I love your hair and can't wait for you to help me with mine! (:

  6. i think the ombre looks great! I also did my own, my ends are unfortunately still suffering from it :/

  7. I love your hair!! I ombred my hair too a few days ago and love it too. Hope you had a wonderful Easter:)

  8. Cute pictures! I love how your fun personality shines through your blog ;)


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