allisonleighann♥: day 121 and 122.
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Monday, March 25

day 121 and 122.

this weekend, i fully embodied being a college student. i went to work, but was otherwise lazy and didn't do any homework til sunday afternoon/night when i only had a few hours left to do it. i had two papers to write. thankfully, this little buddy kept me company. (:

his name is Theo, and he's my favorite boy in the entire world.

on another note-
i may have had a little bit too much to drink last night, and after working through it this morning at my waitressing job, i'm now going to take a nap. and then i'm going to get sprite and saltines. that helps, right? i surely hope so. because my roommate and i are feeling pretty awful. 

but on the bright side. i have a unicorn pillow pet to cuddle with.
oh, what a five year old i am!

happy monday, all.


  1. i still have yet to find the cure for hangovers...hope the sprite & saltines helped!

  2. Hang overs are horrible, I try to drink a bottle of water before going to sleep and it normally works (although not so much if I've drank way too much) :S
    PS your unicorn pillow is cute!

    Life of Ally


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