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Saturday, March 23

day 120.

 i bought things today. i actually bought a lot of things today, but these are two of the things that i bought.
and when i say i bought...i mean my mom.
i'm not really sure what inspired her to go shopping and buy me things, but i'm so glad she did! it was great to get some new clothes. especially since school is just perpetually stressful now. the moments of relaxation while shopping are ridiculously helpful to calm down. especially when i have my mom with me. the pictures don't really do the clothing justice. they're adorable.

on another note, after work today, i got to catch up with some high school/middle school friends! alex and john are both guys that i grew up with. at least from elementary school. but after about...eleventh grade, we went our separate ways. so when alex text me earlier this week and asked if we'd want to catch up, i was all for it! sadly, i was having such a good time that i forgot to take a photo.

but i do have some throwback photos, at least.
thank you, facebook. (:


it's always a great day when i get new clothes, books, coffee, AND get to talk to old friends.
i've had a marvelous saturday.
i hope you've all had the same.
happy saturday.


  1. LOVE everything you posted. You look super great in that dress! Love it.

  2. LOVE those pants! Super cute!!!

  3. love those floral denims!! hooray for new things!!

    mobile morsels

  4. umm the dress in your second throwback photo (ok your last photo on the post) LOVE IT!


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