allisonleighann♥: day 119. High Five for Friday!
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Friday, March 22

day 119. High Five for Friday!

1 // i got my packages from Target! my bedding, lamp, and lotion are here. and i'm so excited about it, even though i won't use it til July.
2 // i love chicken noodle soup. my throat has been hurting a bit this week and progresso knew the perfect way to help that. yum.
3 // does anyone else ever crave mcdonalds? i normally eat pretty healthy, but i just HAD to have it the other day. i even get the same thing every time. small fry, 6 piece nugget, a mcdouble [plain], and a large sweet tea.
4 // i found out that there's going to be a free music festival one town over! it's next month, and, better yet, it's free. i've just got to find someone to go with me.
5 // BUTTERBEER. that's really all i have to say about that.

how was your friday?

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