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Thursday, March 21

day 118.

as a general disclaimer for people who are just now finding my blog, i don't normally just post so many pictures of myself. but today is a special occasion.
i'm a brunette! 
i actually went ahead and took the plunge because my roommate encouraged my crazy whim yesterday.

and this is the color that i used, just in case anyone happens to be looking for a new hair color.

they're not the best pictures, as they're taken on my iPhone and some of them are instagrammed, but i just wanted to share with you guys before too much time went by. i appreciate all the sweet comments, and you guys definitely helped me make my decision!

i'm linking up with Not Quite There Yet again!

since, you know, i'm not a mom nor do i have a child.
and it looks like it's going to forever stay that way.

just kidding, everyone.
well. kind of.
in any case, i hope you're all having a great day! and i actually have a little bit of time over the next couple of hours, so i'm going to try to catch up with some of my blogs. i really try my best to get back to everyone that comments/likes anything on here, but sometimes real life gets in the way and it takes a few days. but please, please know that every comment i get makes me smile throughout my busy days! you're all beautiful.

happy thursday.


  1. Love the hair-it looks awesome!!!

  2. I just started to follow you! And not long ago and I brown too! And I love it! It looks great on you!

  3. It looks really cute! I love spur of the moment hair changes. :)

  4. Cute new hair!
    I'm visiting from the Find and Follow blog hop and a new follower! I can't wiat to learn more about and would love for you to visit my blog!


  5. It looks absolutely fantastic!


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