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Wednesday, March 20

day 117.

what do you wear to work?
thankfully, i've only had one job that had a real "uniform."
though i loved working at the movie theatre for almost two and a half years, that outfit was just awful.
though sometimes...we got to dress up.

quite the throwback...but hey. i love some harry potter.

moving on.
i have a few jobs now-a-days, but my main one is being a waitress at a restaurant downtown.
and i love being able to wear [almost] whatever i want.

tank top // forever21
cardigan // DeepSouthPout
pants // ebay
shoes // Vans

i love bright colors.
and since it's almost summer, i'm doing my best to branch out and buy more colorful pieces of clothing. because, generally, i love gray. i mean...i really love gray. and i don't mean to love it. it's just a comfortable color to wear.

but i'm working on buying things more like this:

source // forever21

granted, pale people probably wouldn't look as great in this. but you get the gist.

speaking of color changes, i really want to change my hair again. i know it'll probably go away by the end of the day, but just to see what you guys think...


what do you think?
blonde or brunette?

happy wednesday.


  1. I usually wear whatever I want to work even though I work in the corporate headquarters for my company. Still, I've been trying really hard to class it up a little since I do realize it's unprofessional[aka not wearing jeans every day].

    Lately I've found some awesome steals at Khols, in their clearance racks. Mostly dresses that I can dress up or down which is perfect! Seriously though, $10-15 for a dress is unbeatable ;)

    Also because I haven't written a novel quite yet.. I am in love with your brunette hair.

  2. I'm jealous that you can actually pull off blonde & brunette. I love them both! I'm always on team brunette though..because, well, I'm a brunette. LOL. I can wear anything I want to work. I mean, a swimsuit might be weird though.

  3. I love the blonde but the brunette is super cute as well! I love changing up my hair color, I fluxuate between being blonde, red head and brunette-it's great fun! :)

  4. Ohh your blog is SO CUTE! I'm loving your design.

    FINALLY following you now-- ehh, pretty much everywhere. :) haha! Thanks so much for linking up with us! Hope to see you for the find + follow hop this week :)


  5. I think you suit both so perfectly. I'm quite jealous as my skin tone only lets me rock brunette shades!

    Love Daniela oxo -

  6. I work at a movie theater right now!! When I started there in high school, the staff uniforms were terrible! Think fluorescent plastic bow ties. Now I'm a manager, and we have to wear nice pants and a blazer. The only problem with that is that they get ruined with butter, so I find myself just wearing the same few blazers because I don't want to risk the new ones getting all gross.

    Glad that you have some say in what you wear!


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