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Saturday, March 16

day 113.

i finally got sucked into the trend.
mainly because yesterday was beautiful and i had a friend my best friend with a camera around.

maybe there will be a few more of these...
who knows?
in any case, here's my outfit of the day. (:

disclaimer: i tend to be really awkward in front of the camera if i'm not just smiling like a normal person. so these were interesting to take, to say the least!

shorts // Deep South Pout
sandals // Deep South Pout

i went garage sale-ing this morning and found a few things for my future apartment!
i'm sure they'll show up in a blog post sometime this week. 

happy saturday, everyone.
stay beautiful.


P.S. - just as a reminder, i'm going to end all of my posts with this

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for the next few weeks. just in case GFC really does fall, i'd love to still have you wonderful people reveling in my life with me. (: or, you know, laughing at me. whichever!


  1. I really like those shorts. Are they mint green? I can't tell. I bought some mint green capris for my birthday, which I plan to wear tomorrow :)

  2. cute colors!!! love the floral top :)

  3. great outfit and pics! Love the floral top! I haven't heard of this brand, def gonna check it out!

  4. LOVE the outfit! Cute vibrant colors!


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