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Friday, March 15

Day 112.

i took the time this morning to sit down and plan my classes for next semester.
i have a bit of a headache, if you didn't already assume from the picture below.

and it got me thinking.
i'm a sophomore in college. i'm 20 years old. i'm about to go on a study abroad trip to Europe this summer for a month. i'm renting my first apartment with two friends in July. i'm now saving for a new car. i got a credit card last month and i'm working on building credit. my oldest nephew is 11. i got my first internship for the second half of this summer. 

i could really go on and on with everything that i realized makes me an adult.
and it's a little scary!
i don't really feel 20.
i don't look 20.
and i feel like i should be much more stable. much more sure of myself. at the very least, i should have a much better collection of clothing. [but maybe that's just me.]

i feel like i should be living a life like this.

this can't just be me.
what do you think?
do you feel your age?

on the bright side-
these came in today.

i look forward to showing them off soon!

happy friday.



  1. I WANT HUNTER BOOTS!....ok sorry i had to get that out ha.
    I had this feeling when i was your age {ok that wasn't too long ago...right? Ha}
    I thought i should have everything figured out and that my life should work in a certain order....well it doesn't.
    I found myself in constant comparison with others and what i thought my life should like at 20. I was almost a college graduate i should have had it all figured out right?
    I'm 24...i'll be 25 this year and i still don't have it all figured out (my post today is actually about that....weird).
    What i've learned is this: life begins at the end of your comfort zone. I'm FINALLY taking steps out and making my life mean something instead of sticking to what i "think/am expected" to make it mean...does that make sense?
    All of those words to simply say: it's ok to not have it all together, you've got plenty of time.
    and i just talked your ear off, you're welcome.

  2. I just had to remind myself today that I would in fact be turning 24 soon, not 22! Pretty crazy how fast the years start to fly by....

  3. i want hunter booooots! btw. i nominated you for the liebster award. follow this link for more info:

  4. ah yaaaay! i'm over the moon excited for your new boots!! (:

    im such a hunter-junkie, haha.

    have a wonderful weekend, lady!

  5. thanks for stopping by my blog! you're going to Europe this summer?! YAY! Wish I could've stayed a month! you will LOVE :)

  6. my age problem depends on the day- I feel kind of mature inside, but it's still hard for me to admit, that I'm getting 22 this autumn. And my boy will be 26 in a few months- this is scary!


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