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Tuesday, March 12


if you haven't noticed, i have a GORGEOUS new blog design today from the lovely Lauren over at The Albrecht's Blog. once i posted a few days ago that i was looking for a new designer, she contacted me pretty much immediately telling me she could help. so, of course, i agreed! and after a couple days of going back and forth through email, this girl became my best friend. [aka - she finished the final product (:] and i absolutely adore it! what do you guys think?

also. if you want to find her, here are some handy dandy links.

The Albrechts Blog

and here's a link to her design page:

go check her out, guys. even if you're not looking to redesign, she's super sweet and an awesome blogger. and i'm sure she'd appreciate a new follower or two. (:

on the note of new things, i have a new page!
i now have a page labeled tattoos.
i was going to preface it here, but i'd actually just rather you go check it out.
it's a lot more information about myself, and while i'm sure it's kind of boring, i hope that you'll take the time to read it.

i'm catching up on Supernatural.

happy tuesday.


  1. love the blog design!! looks great :)

  2. Love the new design, super cute!!

  3. Love these designs! They are adorable! Hopefully one day my blog will be big enough where I feel comfortable putting money into it! I would love for you to design my blog one day in the future!

  4. Loving the new design!!! :) :) :)
    Also i need to get on the supernatural train FOR REAL!

  5. I'm loving the new design. It looks so good, Allison! Also, I haven't even heard of supernatural. Don't punch me. I need to get on that. Seriously, though.


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