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Sunday, March 10

day 107. Blog Design.

today, i am home.
and i cannot tell you how exciting that is.
though i like to think of myself as an extremely independent girl, going home is always a nice change. i get to see both sets of my grandparents, i get to watch the recorded tv shows with my mom, and, best yet, my dad will wake me up for work with coffee and breakfast already made. which, if you're a normal, lazy college kid like i am, i know you would appreciate. i never get up in time to make breakfast, and i'm lucky if i can stop by the to-go station before class and work.

it's a little insane how much home can make you feel better.
i've had a lot of posts mentioning stress lately, and though i know i just got home yesterday, i'm already so relaxed. i don't know if it's my puppy being excited to see me, the smell of my bedroom, my huge, old bookshelf, or just the fact that i have a bathtub for a week that has helped already. in any case, i don't really care.

i've missed my parents.
and i'm happy to be home, for once.

happy sunday, everyone.

P.S. - i'm looking to re-design my blog, but as I don't have Photoshop or anything related, I need to find someone to do it for me. if you know of ANYONE who does blog designs, please comment and let me know! i can't pay a ton for one, but i'm willing to look at pretty much anyone!


  1. Family is important, but it's hard to remember they won't be there forever.


  2. breaks from school are always nice! I'm not on spring break until next week, but I'm looking forward to it :)

  3. Hey chicka! I'm so happy to finally land here :) Congrats on all the fun stuff happening for you right now!! You're apartment looks gorgeous and soooo spacious and what's this about Europe? You're so lucky! Best of luck in all that's ahead, meanwhile enjoy those bubble baths and the smell of home. I'm not sure what all you're wanting in a new blog design?! You're more than welcome to email me, I might be able to help out in some way! Have you looked into PicMonkey? It offers tons of editing tools to help create images for your blog and most of it is free! Play around with it, see what ya think! and email/tweet anytime!

  4. I just found your blog from the link up!
    being home is always nice no matter what! I am just like you, I love being home with my parents!

  5. I also went to my parents this weekend! Even at 27, there is something about being at home. Stress seems to disappear! Good luck with the blog design!

  6. hey hey pretty lady! i found someone who only charges $20! i haven't been able to use her yet but here is a link to her space-she is uber talented!

  7. i'm so glad you're feeling better, and relaxed! (: BE HAPPY.

    Love this picture, here!


  8. Aww I love this. Home is the best :)


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