allisonleighann♥: day 100 - 104.
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Thursday, March 7

day 100 - 104.

first: i need advice.
my purse broke today, and i need to buy a new one.
which one do you like better?



i'm probably going to buy it tonight, as i'm left in despair without my purse. it's literally my life.

but, moving on- 

the past week has been everything i expected it to be - crazy and stressful.
thankfully, tomorrow is friday, and then it's the weekend. followed by spring break.
i'm not actually doing anything for spring break this year, but i assume that most of you all are.
so what're your plans for the week off?

happy thursday


  1. I love the first purse! It seems more versatile than the other two, but second pick is red. Because a red purse is always a fun statement peice

  2. That pink one is darling, but I agree with ^^, the first one would be really versatile. All three would be cute though! Sorry your purse broke, that really is devastating, isn't it?

  3. Oh geez...being a bag whore....this is tough! If you can't get all 3, I'd go for the first one. It's so sweet and large and functional.

  4. Congrats on that 98! That's amaze-balls. I have that first purse...well, one similar. That one & the third one are my favorite. If the second came in a different color, you better believe I'd be getting that one :) I'm a bag whore. It's bad. Like..I have a 36 gallon bin full. :/


  5. I have tried that hand stand thing a million times in yoga and almost always fall! Ugh!

  6. cute!! i think the first purse is my fave - it would go with everything!

  7. purse #1 #1!! Then again i'm obsessed with all things striped!
    & yay for a 98!! That is awesome!

  8. I loooove the first purse! DEFINITELY. :) Officially following along :)


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